Dry Shampoo .. My top five tried & tested

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you the five dry shampoos in my collection and my thoughts on each of them. I wash my hair every other day but sometimes I like to leave it a little longer. This is just to let the natural oils build up. I have to use dry shampoo in this case, just so it doesn’t look super oily when out at work.

If I was at home, I wouldn’t bother wearing anything on it – au naturale. However, if I am going out and about, especially as I have a side fringe, I need to freshen up my hair a little.

So in order of preference …

1. L’oreal Elvive Fibrology Air Dry Shampoo (hurry, only £2 atm)

This dry shampoo is absolutely unreal. I have used this over and over again and I still have quite a lot left in the tin. For the price point as well, it is such a good product. I use this along side the shampoo and conditioner as the whole range is such a good product.

Now this product is supposed to be mega root-lifting but I don’t know if because my hair is so thick, it doesn’t have the same effect for me. However, the smell is gorgeous, it instantly refreshes your hair in smell and how it looks and I find that it soaks up the excess oil too.

Best for: Refreshed hair & scent

2. V05 Plump it up  £2.99

I picked this product up by accident when I was looking for something specifically for volume but didn’t actually realise that this was a dry shampoo. Now, the second day of a wash, I tend to have quite flat hair which isn’t good as my hair is so thick.

I find that this product does refresh hair but the best thing about it is that it restores volume which gives me a better look, especially if wearing my hair down. It doesn’t look limp and lifeless. I use this for a night out too, even on freshly washed hair as it just gives me a little boost. I use it alongside the V05 give me texture powder which allows me to do “messy hair” a little better.

Best for: Volume

3. Aussie Miracle Mega Instant £3.14

I am a huge fan of the Aussie haircare ranges and this one doesn’t disappoint. It refreshes my hair and makes it look just washed. The best thing about this product though, is the scent. I feel like after using this my hair smells just washed, as if it still has shampoo scent clinging to it!

I wouldn’t say I have smelly hair but if you were looking for a boost, this is your product.

Best for: Scent

4. Avon Advance Techniques £3.50

Avon haircare is not something I buy very often. I use a lot of the makeup and skincare products but I haven’t really felt any of the hair products were for me. I picked this dry shampoo up as it was on offer and thought I would give it a go. It has the typical avon hair product scent so does smell like a shampoo and it also refreshes my hair to make it look less oily.

However, I find this one doesn’t work as well if I then style my hair with curlers or straighteners. This product definitely works better if I am having an updo!

Best for: Updos

5. Batiste fresh £2.99

Probably the most familiar of dry shampoos, the Batiste version used to be my go to dry shampoo. I think because it was the most familiar and basically the first version. I love the different scents – the cherry & the tropical versions. However, now I have diversified with the other brands, I have realised that Batiste really doesn’t work for me.

I am a brunette, sometimes very dark haired when I whip the dye out and I feel that I am left with too much powder for how dark my hair is. I think this one is definitely best for blondes!

Best for: Blondes

Have you got a favourite??

Rachael xox

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