My favourite jewellery pieces …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you my bits and bobs of favourite jewelry pieces. When it comes to jewelry, I keep things simple and classy. I don’t wear a lot for work (due to food hygiene reasons) and it isn’t often that I will get dressed up with a lot of jewelry on a night out.

So, my favourite pieces are my engagement, wedding and eternity ring. They are all white gold and my hubby purchased all three of them which make them quite special in my opinion. We got engaged on holiday in 2011 in Rhodes and I have worn this princess cut diamond solitaire ever since. We got married on 24th August 2013 and I then had a wedding ring to match the set. The wedding ring is just a simple band. 

The eternity ring is a cross over ring with several diamonds embedded in it. I absolutely adore this and Chris got me this for Christmas (last year) and I just love it. He always picks jewelry for me so well and these bands are no exception.

Next is the Joma Jewellery bracelets. These bracelets are an elasticated silver bracelet that just look amazing stacked up. The first is a karma circle which I bought myself on a trip to the Lakes. I found it in a little boutique and I bought it as a bit of a reminder to me. I 100% believe in karma and this karma circle definitely shows the “what goes around, comes around” part of Karma. 

The second one “a heart of gold” was a gift from my best friend as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I always think of her when I wear this. I see her all the time and we live super close by but it’s still nice to have this little heart on my wrist!

The third is a little birthday gift that I got from another close friend a couple of years ago too. It was actually from her little girl which was super sweet but I feel like we have a bracelet each that lives on my wrist so they are super special to me.

I got this Tiffany & Co bracelet from my hubby as a Christmas present quite a few years ago now! It was such a super surprise and this is one bracelet I will never lose. I absolutely adore this piece and I look forward to adding some charms to it. Unfortunately, when we went to New York a couple of years ago, I couldn’t make my mind up as to a charm so I have decided to wait until I really see something I like!

This bracelet was a gift for my 21st from my parents. I adore the colours. Pink, white and grey are some of my favourite shades and I do wear a lot of this colour. It is made from pearls – not the expensive hundreds of pounds version but still extremely special and I have worn this a million times.

I love Michael Kors as a brand and I picked up a purse from Bloomingdale’s in New York a couple of years ago and I bought my friend a set of earrings from there too. While there, Chris bought me these as a bit of a special token from the trip. I adore these earrings and they are so wearable. They are the perfect size so I have got loads of wear out of them.  You can see some hereI also like these danglies!

This next jewellery set is absolutely amazing. I got this from my friend Natalie as a birthday present and they are out of this world. They are from Shrieking Violet and this photo goes nowhere near how stunning they really are. Check out this amazing brand here. They literally take tiny flowers and press them to make jewellery out of – amazing gift ideas!

I got this next necklace for Christmas from Natalie also – well more specifically, from her daughter Holly. Holly is three and has impeccable taste! Natalie knows me so well and buys me jewellery quite a bit. I love simple and classic jewellery styles and she does this really well. I absolutely adore this necklace and have worn it a few times so far but I know this is something I will wear for years to come. 

My final piece is my wedding jewellery. I saw this in Swarovski and showed my parents it. We had just bought a house, had a wedding and a honeymoon to pay for so I was looking for a cheaper alternative to it. However, about a week or so later, my dad presented me with a blue box with this exact set it. I have worn this only once – on that day but it is extremely special to me. I like the idea of future generations having this to borrow for their wedding day.

So these are my favourite pieces! Have you got any favourites?

Rachael xox

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