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Exit Newcastle & Za Za Bazaar’s

Hi guys,

Recently, I had a fab little night out in Newcastle with my friend, Charlotte, hubby Chris, my two sisters and my bro in law. The whole idea was all about visiting Exit Newcastle. Exit is the classic escape games; basically, you are locked in a room for an hour and have to solve the clues, riddles and puzzles to be able to escape.

We didn’t quite know what to expect but we did choose the beginner’s game just to be on the safe side. We chose “Save the City” room when booking. It gets so full and obviously there is only one room for each of the levels (Exit has three), that I would advise booking a little far in advance. Exit is in Newcastle city centre and is in quite an unassuming building. You have to make your way to the first floor and they have a few little bits and pieces that look very “Sherlock” on your way up.

This is the waiting area – the desk was made of books and it has this really cool Facebook like counter. I had already liked the paged so I unliked and liked the Exit page again and it then crept round to show the like had added. Not a part of the game but such a cool thing!

The little accessories dotted around the place were so cool too.

I am not going to give away a lot about the game but just give you a little bit more info. So, the lady booked us in and took us to our room. We would be locked in the room for a whole hour and we had to solve the various puzzles in the room. She explained that there was red tape on certain parts of the room that meant that it wasn’t included in the actual game. There was a huge sofa, a desk and chair, a tv screen on the wall and various chests and drawers with a big cupboard too.

She explained that we could use the emergency exit at anytime but as soon as we did, the game would be ended – so don’t do anything drastic. As soon as she left, the TV screen came to life and gave us the lowdown on the situation. We were to be the saviours of Newcastle!

Basically, somewhere in the room there was a bomb and we had an hour to find it, disarm it and escape! Some of the clues were physical so you had to use apparatus to find keys to open chests or to find even more keys. Some of the clues were mathematical and some were instructional. At one point, we all missed a MASSIVE part of the clues so it cost us a good fifteen minutes! However, good news is we did manage to escape.

This experience was so cool and we are already planning our next trip through to do the next couple of levels! There are quite a few different hosts of escape rooms too – you can find a few in Newcastle as well as one in Stockton on Tees, Durham and Sunderland locally to me but they are all over the country too. 

After the games, we then decided to go and visit Za Za Bazaar in The Gate in Newcastle. 

This restaurant has been on my list to visit for a long time. It it is a world food buffet restaurant that has MAPS for table mats! Unreal!

Chris even went so far as to check off the “countries” he had visited.

They had an English food that had roast dinner and fish and chips. The chinese section was my personal favourite with duck and pancakes, beef in black bean sauce as well as a lot of snacks. Chris’ favourite was the Mexican and we all loved the dessert section. There were ready made foods on hot plates but they also had a little menu where you could request food to be made. 

I had the Mr Whippy too – there were so many toppings to choose from so I just piled them all on.

The food is a little pricey but for the novelty, availability of food and quality, it is really good value. The soft drinks are all refillable too. It had a lovely atmosphere and the decor was right up my street. There were several hen and stag dos in there too propping up the bar for cocktails. You can make a proper night of it in here, which I liked. I think if we went back, we would give it a lot more time in here. We were a little bit shorter on time due to having an event beforehand.

I would recommend both of these for an excellent night out!

Have you been to either of these before? Or, have you got any recommendations for me!!

Rachael xox

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