What’s in my hand luggage … Hong Kong edition

Hi guys,

We do like a holiday and have now got my hand luggage down to a T so thought I would share with you what I like to take with me on a plane and what I am specifically taking to HK.

We are flying from Newcastle Airport which is around a 40 minute drive from us. Our first flight is to Dubai which is between 6 and a half and 7 hours. We have around a three hour layover in Dubai airport (shopper’s paradise) and then a further 7 hour flight to Hong Kong.

The Bag

Rather than take an extra bag to HK, the bag that I will be wearing every day will be my carry on bag – it is big enough to fit everything in but small enough to fit under the seat in front and not be too heavy to carry around both airports. This bag is a cross shoulder blue and white chevron print that I got from Ebay. Most of my holiday clothes are cream or navy so they go perfect. The bag is really lightweight and crossbody so will be super easy to carry around. You can take a peek at the designs here.*

Travel Wallet

My travel wallet is also from Ebay.  * I again went for the navy version – I like to match! This has several compartments in – for money/coins, passport and even a little keyring so you can attach your keyrings to it. Pick one up here.*

Memory foam neck cushion

Again, blue! I purchased this one from Matalan, here. This is a supersoft cushion that I hope will help me to sleep on the second flight on the way there and the first flight on the way back. I can never EVER sleep on a plane but I have completely challenged myself this time to be as relaxed as possible and be able to sleep!

Additional Checklist:

Pashmina – super comfy as a pillow or a wrap.


Slippers – my feet always get cold on a flight!


Reading Glasses


Kalms Night


Buscopan – planes always set off my IBS and make me completely bloated!



External Charger

Hair bobbles

Hand Luggage Beauty


Hand Sanitiser


Lip Balms



Night Cream

What do you pack for your flight?

Rachael xox

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