How I tackle my blemishes …

Hi guys, 

I have problem skin. One day it is super oily, the next it is dry and flaky and then some days my blemishes are almost like a new head growing out of my neck. I have horrendous spots around my neckline when hormones go haywire.

So I have put together my 5 tops to controlling blemishes.

Hair removal cream

SO I have the worst skin around my neck and chin areas. Although I don’t have a beard, I have fine little hair that sometimes clog with the oil and create the worst spots in spot history. The type the dermatologist adores. I made a bold decision to start using hair removal cream to minimise the amount of hairs on my neck and chin to see if it would make a difference. Immediately, I noticed a reduction in the spots I was getting. I took inspiration from Makeup Savvy as she shaved her face – but I didn’t want to go to those lengths. If I haven’t removed the hairs in a while, I find that the spots do worsen so it is something that really works for me.

Eating healthy

I have made a conscious effort this year to increase my intake of fruit, nuts and try to “clean eat” as much as possible. I have found that eating more natural products, really does help my skin. I have cut down on gluten and dairy as I do have an intolerance to both of these. So far, so good.


I was a diet coke girl. I would grab a bottle of pop at work, have a few cups of tea and that would be me. I weaned myself off it in January this year and apart from the odd can of coke if I am having a takeaway – I now don’t have any at all. I still do have the odd lemonade but the majority of the time I drink water as well as decaf teas. I have found that drinking water has not only improved my blemishes, but it has made my whole skin appearance better too.

Washing your face

I actively take my makeup off each night with cleanser and toner and I wash my face on the morning before getting ready for the day but I felt like this wasn’t enough. I now make sure to avoid makeup products on my days off but to give my face a good wash and cleanse on these days too. I also now wash the day off when I get in from work. Rather than sit there with a ridiculous amount of makeup on my face to watch TV or blog, I wash and cleanse beforehand and so my skin feels a lot fresher. Even though small changes, it doesn’t allow as much oil or dirt to build up to affect my skin.

Product help

Although we try and do as much as possible, with the pollution and dirt and daily stresses building up as well as all of the hormonal changes in your body too, we sometimes still need the help of products. 

Here are two of the products I lean towards for helping me with blemished skin.

Avon Clearskin Pore Penetration Black Mineral Mask

This mask is a bit scary when you first use it as it is so dark! In fact, I would warn those in your household you are about to appear with a dark grey face but what it does do is penetrate your pores with the minerals which leaves your skin sparkly and new. I always find that this works extra well after using the hair removal cream and I end up with a gorgeous gleam to my face. I always make sure to exfoliate after a mask too to get rid of any lingering dirt or anything that has been drawn out of my pores.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment

This is a little gem of a product – even Chris has used it a time or two. If I have a spot that seems to be overtaking my face, I turn to this product. I tend to use it after I have washed my face when getting in from work and then pop a bit on before bed as well. This usually reduces the spot and dries it out completely. 

How do you save your skin?

Rachael xox

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