Three days in Rome .. Day One

Hi guys,

My hubby and I finally got to Rome! Rome was on my list every year since I was about 13. I just wanted to see all of the history, art and experience the atmosphere and culture.

We decided to go in November so we didn’t have lots of humid weather (we did that in New York and wasn’t great) and we also wanted to avoid too many queues and children. Going outside of the school holiday times also means you get cheaper rates too. The weather was sunny and warm but it wasn’t red hot. It was still nice enough to walk around with a jumper dress and thin jacket on. Sometimes, I even had to take the jacket off!

We booked through Jet 2 holidays with flights from Manchester. We booked through Jet 2 previously for a holiday to Greece in 2011 and I didn’t really rate them, but they have definitely improved in the last few years.

Our hotel was the Domus Romana Hotel which was situated in such a good area. It was on the Via Delle Quattro Fontane which. The hotel itself was beautiful. The room was spacious and had the most incredible historical detail. The staff were pleasant and friendly.

Breakfast was included and was really good. It was a mix of pastries and fruits with some local delicacies too. It was situated through the hotel courtyard which was glorious. It would be so amazing in the Summer months. The weather was still good but we were out for most of the day time. It was colder on the night but we sat out in the courtyard in the evening and drank wine at the bar. I would definitely recommend this hotel. My only niggle is that there weren’t tea and coffee making facilities which is nice for on a morning and last thing at night. There were little stores in the street though for water etc.

Rome has a hotel tax which you pay upon arrival. This means that whatever price it is online there will be a small charge added to it too. The amount depends on the star of the hotel. We only had to pay six euros per night per person which wasn’t that much at all.

The ceiling of our room

Statue in the hotel

Hotel Courtyard

Hotel Foyer

We arrived late afternoon on Day One but didn’t want to waste any time so we got changed and went for some lunch down the street. We ate pizza in a small bistro down the street. It was called the White Caffe Bistro which was round the corner of the Fontane. 

I got the most gorgeous Pizza. This was the garlic mushroom pizza and Chris got a mixed meat pizza featuring pepperoni and salami. Both were gorgeous. It was our first taste of proper Italian pizza and it didn’t disappoint. The base was extremely floury which I wasn’t a fan of but I did love the actual pizza.

After this, we made our way straight down the street to look for the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi fountain was under construction for a long time in 2016 so I was hoping they would be finished by the time we visited (and they were).

It was very busy so I can’t even imagine what it would be like in the Summer. This was the only place in the entire city that I felt a little vulnerable with the crowds and hugged my bag that much closer. 

The Trevi fountain for me was the absolute pinnacle of the amazing architecture of Ancient and Modern Rome. Even Chris, who wasn’t too fussed on going to Rome had several WOW moments.

We then walked around the fountain and walked down a side street which led us to the Piazza delle Rotunda. The Pantheon then just sort of appears. It is surrounded by modern buildings and restuarants and it is just amazing.

It is free entry too which is great and definitely worth a visit. There is so much history inside this building. If you are a fan of Angel & Demons, the pantheon feautures in that too!

The most amazing part of the Pantheon is the dome in the centre with the Oculus in the top. How the Ancient Romans designed and manufactured something this amazing is beyond me.

As you circle the inside of the Pantheon, there is such amazing features and history. Statues, crypts and monuments surround it so make sure you have a good look around when inside.

This was the most amazing of statues in the Pantheon; The Madonna.

Just across from the Pantheon is the Fontana di Pantheon which was built by a Pope to commemorate the Pantheon structure.

This looked like a great spot to rest and observe the people coming and going. 

After this, we just decided to take a stroll through the streets. We really wanted to go to the Spanish Steps so sort of walked towards this but 

We then walked through the Piazza Navona. If we hadn’t already eaten, we definitely would have stopped here. The fountains are amazing and again, they feature in The Angels and Demons film.

We then went through the Piazza Colonna and The Piazza di Montecitorio which is centred by this huge obelisk.

The main shopping street in Rome. This is the Via de Condotti which features High St brands as well all of the high end brands such as Gucci, Prada etc. This is just off from the Piazza Colonna. 

Once you reach the top of this street, you are at the Spanish Steps.

These lead up to the Trinita dei Monti which is an imposing church building right at the top of the steps. As you can see from the photographs below it was extremely busy. The whole atmosphere of the place was lovely though and there were more shops before you walked up the steps.

Once we climbed to the top of the shops and then walked down to the right (a long way), we eventually reached our hotel. We managed to fit quite a bit in for an afternoon and had a good explore of some of the places we weren’t going to see until other days.

After a refresh in the hotel, we went over the road to the restaurant Berzitello. It was quite a small place and we were the first people in there that evening. I was a little bit put off first as everything seemed to be fish (and I don’t really like it) but I found a few pieces I liked.

We ordered a jug of wine and I got a pasta carbonara which was absolutely amazing. It was gorgeous and I absolutely adore Italian pasta. You can’t even imagine how amazing this is. Chris got a beef ragu and he really enjoyed that. 

We then decided to finish the day at the hotel bar which was so cute and all warmed up with patio heaters. Chris enjoyed a beer while I had a peach bellini.

We absolutely loved day one in Rome, and we squeezed so much into such a short time!

Day 2 & 3 to follow shortly. 

Have you been to Rome?

Rachael xox

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  1. Rome is definitely on my bucket list. I can’t believe how much you squeezed into one day! I think I would live on pizza the whole time I was there.

    Steve loves Roman history and I think he’d love just wondering the streets x


  2. I adore Rome, and I’d love to take my kids there now they are a bit older too. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip – it sounds amazing so far!


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