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Larry’s Lanes in Seaton Carew …

Hi guys, 

The other weekend, Chris, my best friend Charlotte and I decided to go bowling in the new lanes in Seaton Carew. Larry’s Lanes is situated in the rear of the two amusement arcades in Seaton, which used to be a soft play area. We had a bowling arcade in Hartlepool a while ago but it was changed into a retail park meaning that the nearest place was at Teesside Park – a bit of a trek for us from Hartlepool!

We decided to go along for a couple of games to check the new place out.

The bowling arcades are decorated beautifully. It has a retro style with picnic bench style tables and a lot of wood detailing but the comic book artwork is the icing on the cake for me. There are cosy seating areas around the lanes and a table to hold drinks. We played alongside another couple so we shared the space but if you had a lot of people playing, you would be able to have the two lanes to yourself. You can hire their shoes or take your own – I prefer to wear my own shoes!

If you go before 6pm, it is only £8 for an adult for two games which is quite reasonable and it is even less for concessions and children! Prices go up a little after 6pm. The arcades close around 10pm – I think it depends on how busy it is.

We didn’t have food here as part of bowling just because we had eaten not that long before but we would definitely make sure we can eat there next time. The menu consists of lite bites, sharing trays, burgers, pizzas and mixed sides. You can also order from the restaurant just next door which is Fizzy Izzy’s. The bar area is very well done and they even serve cocktails too.

You can check out their facebook page and their website here too

This is definitely a must visit for me and we will be going back very soon!

Have you got any local places to recommend for me?

Rachael xox

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