North East

Lucifer Sam’s Restaurant, Hartlepool Marina

Hi guys,

Chris and I recently popped to a restaurant on the Marina in Hartlepool and followed with drinks at a local bar. The Marina is such a good place to have a night out. You pay for parking before six so probably best to go after if you have a designated driver. However, there are lots of local taxi firms, it is on the bus routes and it is only about a fifteen minute walk from the train station too. 

We decided to go to Lucifer Sam’s restaurant which we have been to before. It is a bit of a grill/steak/burgers bar that turns into a bit of a karaoke and cocktail bar later on. On our first visit, the restaurant and not long since opened and service wasn’t amazing. I wasn’t impressed with the food, service or general atmosphere of the place so I was pleased when I returned and it was much improved.

The place was a little quiet but we did visit on Easter weekend which meant that people will have been out on the Sunday night instead of the Saturday. 

We ordered our drinks first and I got a bottle of cider while Chris ordered a beer. We decided to take a taxi which was only about £4.00 from where we live.

The menu has quite a large selection of food but Chris had a hankering for a burger so picked this Louisiana burger which had a bbq sauce, gherkins and a slaw dressing. 

I chose the chicken parmesan with chips and salad as well as the house slaw. For those of you not in the know, a parmo is a northern favourite which is a breaded chicken base topped with bechamel sauce and cheese. They are heavenly but quite naughty so I opted for their smaller size. As you can see, there is definitely more than enough food. 

One of the best things about the meals in Lucifer Sam’s are the homemade chips which are amazing. All of the food is home cooked fresh meaning that it does take a little longer but I wouldn’t say we were waiting a long time!

We saved a little room and had dessert too! I had the banoffee cheesecake which was unreal with a scoop of icecream on top. Chris got a choc sundae which he polished off quite quickly.

We had a gorgeous meal. Service was still a little slow but wasn’t until we were finished with desserts, for all it was quite quiet, we still had to wait a little while for the bill to come and our plates to be cleaned away. It is also quite dark in here. I get they are going for that sort of atmosphere but we didn’t have enough light to look at the menu so I had to use my phone light – maybe something for them to think about.

We did however thoroughly enjoy the food so we would return again on that basis. I always like to give places a second chance so I am glad we did on this occasion. The total bill came to under £35 which was two main meals, two desserts, two bottles of cider and two pints of draft beer which is definitely a very affordable meal for two!

Have you got anywhere you could recommend for me?

Rachael xox

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