Wedding Guest look book …

Hi guys,

I have got a canny few weddings on this year and I decided to have a good look around on Asos. I like Asos due to the vast amount of different brands and that you get such a good value outfit. 

I don’t stick to “rules” when dressing for a wedding but I would never wear white to someone’s wedding. I don’t think I would have been impressed if someone had done that at mine! *Bridezilla*.

I also wear something that wouldn’t look out of place with a fascinator or some sort of hat. I just think for a wedding, you have to go very glam.

So, I popped together a couple of my fave choices for me!

Mesh Midi Dress – Asos £55
Daisy bandeau dress – £65 Asos
True Violet Grid Midi Dress – Exclusive to ASOS – £59
Brush Stroke Dress £70 – Asos
Little Mistress Lace Skater Dress £85 – Asos
Asos Bow Back Midi Dress – £85
Asos Midi Prom Dress – £85
Jarlo dress £90 – Asos
Frock & Frill dress £125
Ted Baker Skater Dress £149 – Asos
Ted Baker Shift Dress @ Asos £149

How stunning is the 1920s style dress from Frock & Frill! That would be so amazing for a costume party!

I adore the Ted Baker dresses too but my favourite here is definitely the Asos bow backed dress with some bright pink detail. I will definitely be adding this one to my basket! I also found a new brand for me; True Violet. Their collection has some beautifully shaped and structured dresses with floral prints – they are also in amazing colours.

Have you got any brands that are perfect for a wedding?

Rachael xox

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