A weekend in Blackpool …

Hi everyone,

Tracy had a fab 50th birthday weekend and the group of 7 we went with all had the best time too. Here are a few weekend snaps, didn’t take too many on this trip as was a busy one! We had the best train journey, getting mixed up with a stag do en route. We arrived in Blackpool and did some shopping (their Primark is huge!) and ended up in the Coral Island casino for a few hours to kill some time until we could check in at the travel lodge! After a few cokes to sober myself up (ten bottles of Asti between six of us on a four hour AM train journey), we went on to the travel lodge for check in.

We chilled for a few hours in the room mainly because of the alcohol consumption but we unpacked a little and then headed back down to the travel lodge restaurant for burgers. Food in a travel lodge is quite basic but filling and affordable and to be honest, when it is raining, you don’t really want to travel anywhere else. 

Funny girls was definitely an experience for me. I knew it was going to be men in drag but other than that, my knowledge was pretty limited. We had paid for a private box, which was several chairs around a small table and we had our own private waitress, Chi Chi who was stunningly gorgeous! W were all very jealous of her hair, and her dress! There were also beautiful ladies serving behind the bar. Zoe came on, who is the main DJ in resident and has been for twenty one years. She was definitely a highlight of the evening and between DJing made us all laugh with comedic observations of the people in the club. In between songs and shout outs, there was a cabaret act. This was fab; I won’t give too much away as I do think if you are anywhere near Blackpool, then you really need to go here but it was fab! They basically took on a lot of musicals including Sound of Music. Now, although I will never watch it in the same way ever again, it was hilarious. Stomach cramps all round from laughing! If it wasn’t enough for the Funny Girls show to be hilarious, the people watching kept us going in between too!

After this complete hilarity of a weekend, we then decided to chill and shop on Sunday morning before heading home. I did like Blackpool, but probably not a place on the top of my list! 

See you soon everyone,

Rachael xox

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