Emptying my stash ..

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share my latest “empties” with you! Shopping my stash to make room for lots of new products.

The photograph is a little odd – rotate just didn’t work for it!

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I bought this mega effects mascara quite a while ago from Avon and it laid in the back of my drawer completely forgotten about. I have tried it several times and this is a product that is going the journey while not actually being empty. I find this quite difficult to use. It is a very wide and short brush and the bristles are very thick. I have poked myself in the eye twice and dotted my eyelid with mascara at least three times. I have tried a lot of different mascaras from Avon but this was not good for me. 

Avon Planet Spa Moisturising Cream similar here

I love Avon Planet Spa as the products are made from natural ingredients all over the world. This used up moisturiser pot is actually made from Himalayan salts. This product was super moisturising and smelt amazing and Avon always have great deals on their beauty items too. I would definitely buy something similar from them. 

Nivea Day Cream

This is the Nivea oil free day cream. This was a very good product for me as my skin is so oily that I try to buy either mattifying or oil free products. The product smells amazing and the it is super moisturising. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when I need to.

Wilko Stippling Brush

I bought the stippling brush pictured above, quite a while ago when I was needing a few new brushes. Wilko’s range was so cheap and I still use some of them now. This stippling brush wasn’t very well looked after so that is why I would need to replace. The version linked above looks like a more expensive version due to their upgrade of the range. It was a very good brush and I will be going to purchase another.

Soap & Glory Glad hair day shampoo

I received this Glad hair day shampoo in a giftset for Christmas. I love the soap and glory range and all of their products just smell so amazing. I absolutely adore the smell of this shampoo. My only problem is that I don’t find it cleansing enough if I have quite oily hair at the time. I don’t use a lot of conditioner but I do like to have a good clean wash and a good lather up. For that reason, it wouldn’t be my go to choice. I do think they should do a dry shampoo though!

Scandaleyes retroglam mascara

I love all Rimmel products but the scandaleyes range of mascaras is one of my favourites. The brushes are so thick that you get volume and a dark shade too. I was disappointed by a recent purchase of the scandaleyes mascara so I will repurchase in the future if they bring a different version out.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

My all time go to classic perfume that I will purchase time and time again. I love the scent at any time of year for any occasion. I love how fresh it is. I honestly don’t think there could be any scent I would love more. Even my mam says she smells it and thinks of me instantly.

Marc Jacobs Honey

I adore all Marc Jacobs and this was the first time I had tried Honey but it is absolutely stunning. It is such a sweeter scent than the Daisy and feels a lot lighter when you are wearing it. I do think that it is probably the best one for Summer months with it being so light and fresh. 

Sanctuary body wash

I got a large amount of body washes for Christmas from Sancutary in a gift set. I love body wash and shower gel as it is the one product I use more than anything else and seem to always have a massive supply of it and a lot within my empties. Sanctuary body wash scents are so strong and distinctive. You get their signature very strong orange scents but this one I have just used has a gorgeous lemony scent which is so refreshing.

Benefit My Brow Precisely Pencil

This brow pencil is amazing. It gives amazing coverage, blends in with the brow really well and is so easy to use. My only issue with is that it is a retractable pencil and I am extremely heavy handed so I tend to snap them quite a lot. This means I don’t get my £19 worth of use when I use it. I think next time I will go for a normal pencil rather than a retractable.

Have you used any of these products?

Rachael xox

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  1. I feel the same about Soap and Glory Shampoo (also a Christmas gift set) – it feels as if it never gets my hair squeaky clean. I still use it as a back up when I have nothing else in though – it does smell nice!

    i love reading about products other people have been using.


  2. Ooh so many of my favourites there too. I love Scandal eyes and Sanctuary. I need to do one of these posts as I have lots of bits to finish up!

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  3. I love your very honest reviews of these products. I struggled for years to find a mascara I liked, and always struggled with Avon I must admit. I stick with L’Oreal now. I love gift sets for Christmas as they are a chance to try lots of new products, especially when they are as lovely as Sanctuary Spa or Soap and Glory!

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