Travel Bucket List …

Hi guys,

Chris and I have been forward planning for a while on our various trips and where we would like to go and it made me think about places I really want to go.

I know I posted a Summer destination wishlist last year which you can see here, but these are the ultimate places I would wish to go. 

I have already told you of my travel plans here so far but I have a lot of places I often think about or get quite the pang of jealousy if anyone goes and visits.

Basically, if my time was numbered, I would just start at 1 and visit them all.  So, in no particular order, here we go.

1. Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island is the location of the Anne of Green Gables novels/movies and I absolutely adore them. I would like to see all of the sights and places from the movies but also, the scenery is absolutely unreal. Every image is stunning. Nova Scotia is the name of the province in which Prince Edward Island lies and again, it has a lot of sites used from the film but it is also a stunning landscape. This is definitely one of my top travel goals.

2. Ireland Road Trip

An Ireland road trip is probably something we are planning in for next year. We have been to Dublin before, take a peek here. We love Ireland and it is such a beautiful place. I want to visit The Wicklow Mountains (PS I Love You), the Ring of Kerry, The Giant’s Causeway, The Carrick Rope Bridge and check out some of the Game of Thrones filming locations. 

3. Iceland

Iceland seems to be the “in” place to be recently. It is picturesque. There are plenty of natural sights to see; geysers, volcanos, waterfalls and glaciers. A highlight for me would be dog sledding and visiting the Blue Lagoon too.

4. Alaska

Alaska again is scenic and picturesque. The main highlights for me would be looking for wildlife; bears, eagles and elk as well as doing some whale watching. Juneau is definitely one of the top places to visit based on travel recommendations but there are plenty of other places for sightseeing. This is definitely somewhere you could go for two weeks and still not see everything you want to see.

5. Disneyland, Florida

I definitely want to go and visit Florida. I want to go to Disney Land, Universal Studios – basically all of the attractions that Orlando has on offer. I don’t see much point in going without children but we’ll see when this one goes on the list.

6. New Orleans

I have always had an interest in visiting New Orleans. Some of it is the supernatural element – reading books and watching movies that have centred in NOLA. I especially love the idea of the historical nature of the buildings and homes. I would love to see the plantations too.

7. Washington DC

Although, I might wait for four years before I go to the capital, I really do wish to go to Washington DC. Not just to view the political and historical landmarks but to visit the vast amount of museums too.

8. Santorini, Mykonos, Athens

This is the ultimate in Grecian trips. I have visited two Greek Islands previously and both were incredibly picturesque. Santorini and Mykonos are very Mediterranean with the blue and white and the beautiful scenic views. There is also just something about Ancient Greece and the Greek Gods I adore as well, so Athens for me would be a little bit over-exciting!

9. North Carolina/South Carolina/Georgia

If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks books and films (is there a theme here?!), you will know they are mainly set in the Carolinas. That area of America is absolutely stunning. They have the most amazing beaches, scenery and photo opportunities. The website, Road Trip USA, show you a specific route to take in all of these areas. 

I like the country/beach aspect of the holiday.

10. Venice & Verona

Rome has me on a bit of a Italy kick so I looked into the different parts of Italy I would like to visit and I absolutely love the idea of Venice. So many people I know have been and said it was amazing. I love the idea of Verona after watching it on a documentary – particularly Juliet’s balcony!

11. Austria

I adore Sound of Music and it has been a life long ambition of mine to run up the mountain singing “the hills are alive”, not to mention the horse and trap ride & generally exploring Vienna itself. I would also like to do some skiing at some point and Austria seems like such a good place to do this!

12. Tallinn, Estonia

I saw Tallinn, Estonia once in a magazine when a travel editor was reviewing and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of visiting. The untouched historic town is said to be one of the newest attractions for European breaks. Although I still want to visit places like Prague and Krakow, I really do want to see Tallinn!

13. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in our plan for the next couple of years. Chris has been previously but he was only a child. I am not really into the gambling side (though I will have a go), but I love the idea of the party nights, the themed casinos and nightclubs and the general atmosphere. We will definitely be visiting in the next few years!

14. San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Diego & LA

Although there aren’t many places on the West Coat of USA I would like to visit, I have see this multi site trip advertised quite a few times so we will definitely take up the opportunity and visit.

San Francisco – Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Seafood near the bay, riding a tram up the hills

LA – Rodeo Drive, Beaches, Shopping, Hollywood!

Santa Monica – Rides on the pier, surfing.

San Diego – Zoo, Comic Con (if timed right!)

15. Brazil

Brazil is one of those funny places for me. I really want to visit Rio and take in all of the sights but I also want to experience the local culture and nightlife.

So, now you have seen the destinations that will (hopefully) be keeping me busy in the next few years.

Have you got a travel bucket list?

Rachael xox

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