Beauty & The Beast Live Action Review …

Hi guys,

 I love all Disney films and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the live action remakes too. They have quite a few more on the list which I cannot wait for!

I have heard some mixed reviews from people about this film, even during the bloody film which was annoying. 

There wasn’t a single part of it I didn’t like, apart from the fact that it ended. I am now going to discuss the film a little so there may be a spoiler or two. If you have not yet watched it (why?), then look away now.

So the film is the exact same as the cartoon version. It is a musical, the setting and scenes are the same apart from a couple of additions. 

Belle is played by Emma Watson, who I personally think did an amazing job. I love the character of Belle and she is my favourite Disney Princess and probably the only one that I would relate to (apart from falling in love with a beast). Emma Watson, who I believe is an incredible woman herself is truly the epitome of Belle.

It starts with the story of the prince and how he became the beast. As the prince, he is very conceited and you really don’t like him AT ALL. The snag I had about the whole Beauty and The Beast, the animated version, was that I just didn’t understand how Belle could fall for the Beast and how the transition was made from awful to good. Well in the live action film, it shows a relationship between them as they both lost their mother’s at a young age. In Belle’s case, she lived with a loving father but the Prince wasn’t so lucky – he got an evil father. 

The servants of the castle; Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts etc. also have their say in why they are part of the curse. They say the didn’t do anything to stop the prince from becoming selfish and spoiled. This is why they became part of it.

We also have a scene similar to the library, the ball and the mirror of a way for Belle and The Beast to form a relationship. Basically, The Beast shows Belle he has a book that can take them wherever they want to go. She chooses to go to the house that her family lived in when she was a baby and they discovered that her mum died of the plague. 

Le Fou stole the show quite a bit with his quips. Josh Gad plays an excellent part and I was singing “I use antlers as part of my decorating” for days after. I think that part of the film was definitely a great addition. 

The fight scene with the beast was a little dark. For a moment, I couldn’t see a way out. Especially as the last petal fell and all of the servants turned inanimate. However, a beggar woman from the village turns out to be the original with who sought shelter and she hears Belle admitting her love for The Beast. Happy Ever After.

The musical aspect of the film is lovely. There are additional songs to the original animated version. If you haven’t seen the whole Arianna Grande and John Legend joined effort then you need to see this! I adore the whole thing and I will be going back to see it again.

I have to admit (and no offence to Dan Stephens) but I do prefer the prince as the beast.

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Have you seen the movie yet?

Rachael xox 

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