The top five perfumes in my collection …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the perfumes that I am currently loving. I have quite a lot of perfumes in my collection and I am obsessed with buying them and I often get them for Christmas & Birthdays too.

However, I wanted to share my very favourites with you!

Marc Jacobs Dot £39

I adore all Marc Jacobs fragrances and there isn’t a single one that I wouldn’t wear but I would say Dot is my absolute favourite! I love the fruity playful scent to it and the bottle looks amazing on a dressing table. 

Dot is very long lasting and even the next morning I will catch a whiff of it on a scarf or coat I wore the day before. It just smells so fresh and summery (even though I wear it all year round)

Marc Jacobs Decadence £45

This scent is an unusual one from Marc Jacobs. This is still fresh and feminine but it has a sort of spicy undertone meaning it is perfect for a night out. This isn’t something I would wear every day so I save this for events, parties and special occasions. 

Beyonce Heat £15

This is so good for the value. This is very fresh and fruity and a lot stronger than my usual Marc Jacobs scents. I love it for a holiday scent.

Emporio Armani Rose from £20

I have used the Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume a lot after receiving it as a gift. I then got the Rose version too and it is even nicer. It is subtle but I feel like its a mix of my Marc Jacobs Dot and Decadence for scents so I can wear this one during the day or on a night. 

Superdry Perfume £19

Who knew Superdry made perfumes? Not me! I received this one as a gift for Christmas and it smells so good. Some are unisex and others have a male and female version but I like how fresh smelling this one is. It has citrus tones and is ideal for going to the gym or everyday use.

They even do them in miniature versions if you are unsure of which one to try. 

What’s your favourite perfume??!

Rachael xox

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