Ward Jackson Park, Hartlepool …

Hi guys,

So we took Luna and Dexter to one of our favourite places recently, Wags & Whisker’s Canine Cafe in Stockton. If you live close by and haven’t been, you need to check it out. It is absolutely amazing – not just for doggies either!

On the way back, we decided to take a trip into a local park which is quite big so they enjoy quite a big walk to tire them out after the excitement of being with the other dogs in the cafe.

Ward Jackson Park is in Hartlepool and has several walkways, children’s playground, a fountain, quite a large pond and a cafe. The cafe caters lots of different types of food and you can even hire out the rooms in there as well for parties or conferences.

Such a beautiful walk on a bit of a cloudy morning, but the route is quite big meaning little legs tire quickly. We didn’t stop off at the cafe on this occasion, but we will be back again. I highly recommend it for your dog if you are in the area!

Have you got any local spots to walk the dog?

Rachael xox

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