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Hi guys,

I love all products that are made with natural ingredients but even more so when they are made here in the UK. I was lucky enough to receive some of the Purepotions products through the post a little while ago and have been using the different products in the meantime so I thought I would share this brand with you. 

Natalie, the founder, created the brand when she struggled to find skincare for her daughter, Lula. Lula suffers with chronic eczema and after using both alternative and conventional treatments, which didn’t work and in fact, often stung or inflamed Lula’s problem areas. 

Lula was the inspiration for Natalie to experiment with traditional ointmens and salves in order to ensure there would be no preservatives, no irritating fragrance or any extra harmful chemicals. Natalie’s aim was to make the product as mild as possible. The ingredients included hemp, calendula, nettle and olive which has been used in skincare for centuries. The salve she eventually got to was soft and gentle, working as a natural moisturiser to hydrate and soothe Lula’s skin. 

Natalie then started making up batches of the salve for her friends and it was this that became the Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment. A local newspaper took up her story, demand grew and Purepotions grew from there. Their product range is now extensive and there is even a special range for babies. It is now stocked in Boots, Holland and Barrett & Waitrose too. 

Purepotions’ skin salvation dry skin line has even won Best Eczema range in the Natural health International Beauty Awards this year!

What I love about this brand is what you see is what you get. Every ingredient is chosen for it’s purpose, not for cosmetic use. Ingredients are locally sourced and organic if possible and products are free of synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or colours. 

And one extra thing, you can use it on your pets too. Due to the natural ingredients, customers report that they have had excellent results on their dogs, cats and even horses. 

When my purepotions products arrived they were encased in a beautiful emerald shade tissue paper casing with the brand’s logo on the ribbon tied around it. They also included this postcard with the details of the ingredients and a little note to say they hoped I enjoy their products – how lovely!

So I was sent the Intensive Moisturising Ointment, the Intensive lip balm and the Bath and body emollient oil

I used the Intensive lip balm first as I am a little bit obsessed with lip balms. This one is priced at £4.99 which is a similar price point to the Burt’s Bees range. Now, while this one is a thicker texture than Burt’s Bees, the hydration is instant and long lasting. I have also been using it on my lips before using a lipstick too which has resulted in smooth looking lips. 

The other thing about this product is that because it is a balm, you can use it on other areas of your skin with dry patches. I saw on the website you can use it to smooth your eyebrows which is perfect for a makeup free day and I have also been using it below my eyes to hydrate the skin, particularly on a day when I am a little more tired. This was one of my last minute additions to my holiday beauty stash and I used it every single day!

The intensive moisturising ointment is pretty much the same formula as the lip balm. It starts at only £7.99 for the 30ml size jar. It is intended to keep skin hydrated and performs like a barrier cream to protect skin from external irritants. At first, I was a little bit unsure of this one. Its colour resembles one of it’s ingredients; beeswax and although the salve isn’t perfumed, it isn’t scent free. It has a very “natural” smell to it. Now, as someone who hasn’t really got skin that would react poorly to most chemicals, I do like a beautifully scented moisturiser. 

However, after working this balm into my skin, the smell changes to an aromatherapy type scent. I know that doesn’t sound very explanatory but it becomes almost herbal which is a lovely scent to wear. I also have been using this on my sunburn and peeling areas recently (before you shout at me, I used factor 50!!) and it has definitely helped hydrate my skin and reduce the itchiness of my burns. 

The final product is the Bath and Body oil which is priced at £12.99. (If you’re quick, you should be able to pick some of the old packaging up a bit cheaper). 

This oil replaces the need for perfumed body washes and soaps and reduces the drying effect of being in water. I haven’t used it as a body wash, but rather as a body oil. I like to use a body oil to shave my legs as I get a closer finish and it is even more hydrating and this oil is incredible. My legs are looking incredible at the moment. 

The website says you can use this as a facial cleanser and I haven’t used it for that purpose as of yet but I will be giving it a go. 

My overall thoughts on this brand and the products I have tested are that it is definitely a repurchase item for me. I have no doubts about recommending this to everyone. The packaging looks high end, the quality of the results I have received with using these products makes me shocked at the lower end price tag. But the biggest thing is that Natalie has built the brand up herself from a personal need and has definitely girlbossed it, something which I am completely in support of!

You can check out the rest of the purepotions range right here

Rachael xox

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