Makeup Gallery by Poundland: A review …

Hi guys,

I recently picked up quite a few bits from Poundland beauty section & thought I would review the makeup.

First, I picked up this foundation (pictured in the black tube). This was the shade that was closest to my skin colour BUT when applied it was very orange. It is extremely thick and the packaging was very cheap. 

I also got this powder. It is very matte but the coverage isn’t very good. Definitely wouldn’t last all day for me. Packaging seems higher end down to the font but just wouldn’t work for me this product. Ideal as a starter powder for a teenager.

I also got this blush. Again the black packaging seems higher end and it is very pigmented. I love the colour on my cheeks too – will definitely use this product!!

The mascaras are great too. One is Pump up the volume and the other is Never Ending story. Pump Up the Volume is great to thicken the lashes. It is a nice thick brush but the mascara is quite wet and does take a couple of minutes to dry.

The Never Ending story mascara is a thinner brush and is ideal for length. I feel like I would need to use both of the mascaras to get the results I needed (which I sometimes to do anyway). At £1 each, definitely worth giving it a shot.

I also love the liquid eyeliner, it reminds me of the Collection fast stroke eyeliner in packaging and feel on my eyes. 

This is the nail varnish that I was most excited about as I love anything sequin and sparkles. However, it is extremely hard to get anything to stick to your nails. It is basically like a clear nail varnish with heart pieces in. The two just don’t mix to create something special. I would give this one a miss. 

This one is so cute. It is like a speckled egg. I think I would prefer it in a bluey colour to make the pattern stand out a little better but it is cute. I will definitely use this product.

This nail varnish is rainbow sparkle. It is so christmassy in its colours and I adored it when I first saw it. It, like the silver heart varnish, was quite difficult to apply but the result is quite nice. Would most likely be a lot better on top of a colour as this would soothe my OCD. It also wasn’t very quick drying!

This product is called Time to Shine. This beautiful pink speckled colour is fab. It isn’t neat to apply and again my OCD wasn’t soothed by it but it looks great. It would look even better on top of a colour background like a white. Definitely a will use product too!

Have you tried any Poundland makeup?

Rachael xox

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