A day out to Eden Camp …

Hi guys,

When we are at our cottage trip a couple of weeks ago, we visited Eden Camp which is in Malton, North Yorkshire. Eden Camp was built in 1942 for the holding of Italian and German Prisoners of War. It is now a multitude of huts that take you on a journey throughout the world war and the armed forces as well as looking at what happened in the UK during the wars too.

Local business signs

There was a massive amount of interactive exhibits for children (and adults, ahem)

We ate in the mess hall and for a museum it was lovely home cooked food.

During the war, all signs were removed or covered to prevent the enemy from knowing which direction to take if we were invaded. This was one of my favourite exhibits.

There was a fantastic display of military transport that you could see as you drove through the barrier.

We had a fab day out and I would definitely recommend it if anyone should want to go. My dad and grandad were in the army and my uncle passed away in service in Malaysia as part of the Army so having a strong connection to the armed forces was quite nice to be able to walk around and have my dad fill in some gaps in our knowledge.

You can check out their website here.

I will definitely be going back and I will be taking my granddad. 

Have you been to Eden Camp??

Rachael xox

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