A day out to The Deep Aquarium, Hull …

Hi guys,

So while we were away recently, we decided to go for a visit to The Deep which is by the Humber in Hull. We have visited previously but decided to go altogether as a family and we had such a great time. I think it cost us around £10 to visit and it is a full year ticket so we can go back until next Feb for free. 

We visited on a Saturday which was quite busy with families but I think we got there early enough to be able to have a good walk around before it was too crowded.

The first part of the visit was a walk through the ages of the earth which is very educational. It shows actual fossils, bone reproductions and what the earth looked like in different stages.

They have actual penguins too! This is the first time I saw the penguins in The Deep because they arrived shortly after our last visit. They have the Gentoo penguins and they are one size down from the Emperor penguins. I don’t like the idea of animals out of their natural habitats, but when it is for a greater reason and breeding programmes work, I am all for it. I wouldn’t like to think that future generations don’t get to see a real life giraffe, penguin or lion.

You can watch penguin feeding at certain times of the day.

The actual aquarium itself is made up of several large tanks filled with fish. However, the central tank is the biggest and has sharks, stingrays and massive fish! You can walk under a tunnel to look at them but you can also go up in a glass elevator which pauses in the middle so you can see the fish up close. 


Poison Frog

Family pic near the penguins – the light was blue to simulate their natural habitat.

After you have visited the aquarium, you can then visit the restaurant which has an observation deck. Unfortunately, the doors were closed on this day due to the wind but usually you can get out and look at the full sea.

Some extra little critters in the gift shop!

If you are near Hull and would like somewhere to go for the day, The Deep is one of the best places to visit. It is so educational if you have a kiddywink but even the adults can enjoy it too!

Rachael xox

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