North East

Gelato Jo Jos, Seaton Carew

Hi guys,

So last weekend, I was feeling a little worse for wear after a friend’s garden party. We had a fabulous time but we didn’t plan on having a drink as well.

We decided to get up early and make our way onto the sea front to find some breakfast. I usually have a coke or two to help me with my hangover. We decided to go to Gelato JoJos which is at the end of the rock shops and fish and chip shops. 

I hadn’t been for breakfast before and it didn’t disappoint. Chris decided on a large latte which was massive! I got my coke. We both then got the breakfast bagel. 

They come with egg, bacon, sausage and black pudding but I decided against the black pudding – not my thing.

The decor is soo retro. The main section has pink and white stripes with marble tables and plush white booths and this amazing wallpaper on the ceiling. They also have cute mini mopeds as seats. Further round and they have different sections – with a tree mural on the wall, chest style seating and glitzy chandeliers. 

My fave part of the place, apart from the fully stocked gelato counter, is the cloud feature above the serving area. The cloud changes to different weather – it is amazing, especially the lightning.  

Obviously, we then had to have the ice cream. When in rome…

The ice cream menu is very extensive with both mr whippy and gelato versions as well as waffles and sharers. We got a normal size with two spoons. The best thing is you can mix and match. We got a mixture of pistachio and rum and raisin and then lots of litle bits and bobs on top!! 


Check it out here.

Rachael xox

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