Three days in Dublin: Day One

Hi guys,

So Dublin Day 1 was basically a travelling day. Our flight was a lunchtime flight, so we didn’t plan anything other than to explore when we arrived. We flew from Newcastle into Dublin Airport. Newcastle airport has recently undergone a transformation and it looks a lot better now.

However, for me they need to sort their food out a little bit. It all just seems plastic type food and nothing of real quality. We went to Bar 11 for brunch.

The decor of the place is gorgeous. They have named it after the 11 things they love about the North East. It is industrial looking with some good modern detail. I think because you are a captive audience in the airport, they just basically charge what they like. This breakfast was £7.50 (I already ate the mushrooms before the pic) but you had to pay extra for your toast too. Chris got the breakfast bun which was supposed to have a sausage patty but came with actual sausages instead which was a bit more difficult to eat. Also, as someone who works in the food industry – some of the practices in there were questionable. I saw a member of staff drinking a pint and another member of staff spit into a bucket behind the bar – not what I want to see when I am about to consume food. They also didn’t provide any butter for the toast! The food was nice but I just feel like it wasn’t worth the money.

We arrived in Dublin early afternoon and we got the airlink bus. We had researched beforehand so knew which stop to get off at for our hotel. It only cost 10 euros for a return ticket, and this return ticket lasts about 3 months. It only took about 40 minutes to get to the hotel. 

We got to our hotel which was the Parliament. It was very well situated but the hotel definitely wasn’t ideal. The hotel used to be called the Arlington Hotel – there was another hotel called the Arlington and we think we got a little bit crossed wires when people recommended it to us. I have reviewd it on Trip Advisor so have a look if you want to but I definitely didn’t like this hotel.

We checked in really easily and then decided to go and get some food. We decided to take a walk into Temple Bar to get something to eat. We found the Merchant Arch pub. My father in law had recommended this for on an evening but it looked quiet during the day so we decided to call in there. I had a club sandwich which was delicious and filling. We went back on the night for a drink before dinner. It was so cosy and intimate with their live singer who was amazing. Definitely recommend this for a drink/meal.

Apologies for the poor photos – weather was glorious.

As we had already eaten here, we decided to go elsewhere for dinner. The atmosphere in Temple Bar is great on a night, there are lots of street artists and on a Wednesday, there is a late night market too.

We decided to pop to Milano for dinner. Milano is basically the Irish Pizza Express. 

The decor was lovely – fresh and crisp and clean. It had a monochrome decor and even the lampshades fit the theme. The best part was the food. Chris got a pizza and I got a pollo pesto pasta which was gorgeous. We also got a portion of polenta chips to share – I’m not sure I’ll go for these again!!

We then popped in to a pub called The Norseman for a quick tipple before going back to the hotel. The Norseman had  lovely bar, again with a live singer. We did pop it on the list to go back and eat but didn’t end up with any time, so we will next time we visit!

Have you been to Dublin??

Rachael xox

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