Three days in Dublin: Day Two

Hi guys,

On day 2 we started off with breakfast in our hotel. We didn’t prebook this but breakfast was lovely. For only 7.95 euros (we stayed in hotel so got a 2 euro discount) we got a full fried breakfast as well as access to the continental breakfast.

We decided to spend breakfast researching what we were going to do over the few days. We pre-booked the Guinness Storehouse to avoid any queues on the day and we got a discount too so we knew we were doing that, We also knew we wanted to do the zoo but we didn’t want to have any time restrictions on that as we knew they did special times for feedings etc. 

We decided to get on the hop on hop off city sightseeing bus. We got a 48 hour ticket online which worked out at a really good price, So for the two whole days we used this as our method of getting around Dublin and taking in all of the sights. 

The Guinness storehouse was amazing. It has this really authentic industrial feel to it but looks very modern also. There are seven levels to the storehouse and it takes you through step by step of how the Guinness is created. There was a massive waterfall which showed how the water gets added to make the Guinness recipe work. After this, you can go through the tasting rooms. You enter a white room first where each of the scents are represented in a dry steam bucket. The white is to represent the cleansing of your palette and senses ready for the actual tasting room. Each visitor gets a mini glass of guinness. You then go into a more traditional drawing room and you there is a professional Guinness taster who tells you how to taste it. It only takes about 10 minutes for this experience in total but it is quite informative and I found it good – even though I don’t like Guinness.

You then go to level 7 to the sky bar where you get a free pint of Guinness or a soft drink (if you’re younger, or don’t like it). We enjoyed a drink in here and then managed to have a good walk around the top to look outside.

We decided to have lunch inside here as well. We went down to the floor below the sky bar and found the restaurants. There is a serve yourself diner, a bar and brasserie and a restaurant. We chose the 1857 restaurant to eat. Inside was so industrial looking, it was absolutely gorgeous. It was so busy but the staff were really friendly. The food was absolutely gorgeous. They serve traditional seafood also as they say this goes really well with guinness.

\We then went shopping on O’Connell Street but we were pretty tired at this point. We stopped at Penney’s for a quick shop and then decided to stop for a cup of tea somewhere. We made our way back across the bridge to our side of the Liffey and found a gorgeous little tea shop.

This was the most quirkly little retro style cafe I have ever been in. It was called Hippetys. It was absolutely fabulous. I had a little cream tea and Chris got a latte and a waffle with maple syrup and ice cream, There was just so much to look at in here. The guy who owns it (I think) was so warm and friendly and you could see it was a quick drop in point for the locals who came in for their usuals. Best of all, it has a liquor licence so you can grab a glass of prosecco too!! Locals should be going here and if you visit, make sure you call in.

After we were refreshed we decided to pop our penneys haul into our room and have a little pack before the next morning. 

For dinner, we tried another bar in temple bar, we decided to grab some seats and not move for the entire evening. 

We went to The Old Storehouse for dinner, again in temple bar. We walked past and we were drawn in by the sounds of live music and the general atmosphere and liveliness. It was quite busy but we got a table in the bar area where the live music was and it was brilliant. We were sat on a table next to some Americans and we had some people from Spain at another nearby. It was such a mix of people and everyone was really involved with the live singer. He finished before our meal came. I got the steak meal which was priced at around 21 euros but worth every penny – it was absolutely gorgeous. Chris got the seafood chowder. Ever since we arrived in Dublin, Chris wanted to try Guinness with some seafood and he said it was absolutely amazing. Apparantly, the best combination is to have it with oysters, he was going to try the mussels but they had run out.

We had full table service and I honestly could not fault the place. Everyone’s food was amazing and we couldn’t even manage a dessert we were so full. We had the most gorgeous little waitress – shout out to her and her beautiful skin – I didn’t dare ask her what makeup she had on but her face was stunning. She couldn’t do enough for us and you could see she had a great rapport with all of the staff.  

After dinner, while we were enjoying drinks, another live music act came on. This time it was a male singer and guitarist along with a female violinist. It was the best music ever. Honestly, couldn’t fault the place and by the sheer volume of people in there, neither could anyone else.

If we had gone here the first night, we definitely would have returned the second.

Rachael xox

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