Three days in Dublin: Day Three

Hi guys,

So day 3 in Dublin and our final day, was so good. We had breakfast at the hotel again but opted for the continental and had fruit and yogurt. When you haven’t got a self catering option on hols and you are constantly eating out, all you want to do sometimes is have a bowl of fresh fruit!!

We then caught the sightseeing bus again out the front hotel and set off for Phoenix Park. We used the hop on hop off bus by City Sightseeing and all routes went past our hotel. We learned a lot from the sightseeing tour but we also used it to travel through the city. Of all the cities I have visited, nearly everything is in walking distance but its nice to learn some history while being chauffeured. Some of the buses also had a live tour person rather than a plug in headset which meant you got to ask questions instead of just absorbing information. 

So Phoenix park is a huge park that we also saw the day before on the sightseeing tour. It reminded me a bit of Washington as they also have an obelisk – the second largest in the world only to Washington DC. It is also home to the US ambassador as can be seen from the gated entrance. They also have a mini white house for the president of Ireland. Phoenix Park is so big that they can even fit Central Park in there twice!

One of my favourite features however, is that there is a herd of tame fallow deer just wandering around the park. We spotted a few through the trees.

Phoenix Park, Dublin, is also home to Dublin Zoo. I do think the zoo was the best part of our trip. Although it breaks my heart to see animals inside enclosures rather than free (and Dublin zoo enclosures were a little small), I am such a conservationist that I worry if we didn’t have zoos that we wouldn’t have a lot of animals left. I would say around 80% of the animals in the zoo were either endangered or critically endangered. I think the other thing about a zoo is the educational side of it. There were quite a few school trips there at the same time as us and they had a member of the education team showing them around. Each sign was very informative as well. I feel like sometimes I struggle to get Chris interested in anything other than cars or war, so seeing him absorb the information and then talking about it is also one of the best things about visiting a zoo for me. Entry to the zoo was 17 euros but we then got 2 euro discount because we had a city sightseeing ticket.

Dublin Zoo is a very cute and quaint zoo. It is very traditionally set up and is so beautiful. We got there on a very nice day so it was perfect to walk around. Dublin Zoo is home to many of the “big animals” – lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, hippos ,giraffe etc. If you’re in Dublin, this place is perfect. It took us about 3 hours to have a walk around here. 

We stopped at the Meerkat restaurant for panini and a sandwich for a quick pitstop. Its called Meerkat restaurant as if you are lucky enough to get a table near the glass window at the end of the restaurant, you get to see the Meerkats running around. 

After Dublin Zoo, we decided to go and have a look around the Phoenix Park and stopped in at the little Tea Rooms for a quick cup of tea and to share a little cake. It was absolutely darling and had the prettiest detail inside and was so busy. We sat inside as we had been in the sun a lot that day but outside looked so good,

After this, we made our way back to the hotel on our trusty bus and then flew home!

We had an absolute lovely break before we move shortly. Looking forward to our next break in September to Kos!

Rachael xox

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