Dublin City Break: Unpack with me …

Hi guys,

As you know, I have just got back from a weekend trip in Dublin. Dublin was amazing – I have previously been but it was a quick visit last time with a crazy night out for mine and my friend’s 21st birthdays!

My hubby is an accountant and a total thrifter, so he wouldn’t let me book a suitcase for the three day trip. I know you might think it’s excessive, but I am a home comforts kind of girl and love having my belongings with me. So, challenge accepted – we went hand luggage only.

Now, Ryanair is a budget airline but they do allow you one small bag or case (with luggage restrictions) as well as a small handbag on the plane. So first decision is to which bag to take. I have a hand luggage sized suitcase that I use for weekends away but I also have this slouchy Calvin Klein tote that I bought from Bloomingdales in New York.

I read a lot about Ryanair before the flight and I saw that they are very strict about luggage weights. This made me take the Calvin Klein tote instead. It has a small attached pouch that I decided to use for my passport and travel docs and then the rest of my items went in the middle.

I have three different toiletry bags for me to use so I opted for the large pink one. For liquid toiletries I had to keep to an absolute minimum and use the resealable bag. When travelling on an aeroplane, you have to adhere to strict security regulations. This means that all of your liquids must be under 100ml – and the total cannot be more than 1 litre.

So when I am travelling, I always make sure to have my essentials:

  • foundation
  • primer
  • concealer
  • face powder
  • bronzer
  • blush
  • mascara
  • liquid eyeliner
  • day cream
  • eyebrow definer
  • perfume
  • deoderant
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • lip balm
  • nail polish (for any chips)
  • Face wipes

I popped all of the liquid items into the resealable clear bag and the rest of them including my makeup brushes into the bigger pink bag.

My other two main essentials were a pac-a-mac. I bought this version from Primark many moons ago. I also make sure to include my phone charger and my hair straighteners and hair brush. I always make to sure to include extra hair bobbles and hair grips.ย 

When planning my clothes I always make sure to colour co-ordinate. I do this so I can mix and match over the few days.

This time my outfits were as followed:

Day 1 (travel)

Denim Jeggings

Blue blouse

Blue pumps

Blue cardi


Black shirt dress

Black leggings

Black pumps

Day 2

Denim jeggings

Blue cami

Blue pumps

Blue cardi


Black and brown long sleeve dress

Black leggings

Black pumps

Day 3 (hometime)

Denim jeggings

White top

Blue cardi

Blue pumps

As you can see from this list – I haven’t had to take too many changes of outfit but I still updated my look every day – you can use these and alternate with your colours of choice. Including underwear, this is all you need for a 3 day trip.

How do you pack for a city break?

Rachael xox

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