What I bought in Dublin …

Hi guys,

So I decided to pop on a Dublin haul to show you what I picked up on my recent trip. 

We didn’t do a whole lot of shopping when in Dublin, we did a lot of sightseeing however as you will be able to see from my Dublin City break posts. 

We went shopping to Penney’s on O’Connell Street while in Dublin. Penneys is the Irish mothership of Primark. This is where the brand originated and you can clearly see it is Primark immediately. Both Chris and I picked up a few bits in there as it was so cheap. I know the Euro isn’t an amazing exchange rate at the moment but even still, the conversion was really good. We didn’t go into the homeware section as I knew I would want a lot of items and we just didn’t have the luggage space so I kept it to a minimum. 

I did however get these two dresses. I got them in navy and white as they were reduced to around 6 euros which roughly equates to £4.50 each. They have this lovely crochet to the front and a bit of an open back. They will be perfect for the summer and for my holiday in Septembet. I also got this top. I am into white boho and ethnic style pieces at the moment and I just think white really brightens up your look. I don’t have a lot of lighter colours in my wardrobe which makes me really cross – I always buy black clothes and I am trying to move away from black. I also got this brightly coloured playsuit. It has some amazing colours in there and again, I just thought this would be fab for holiday – I love the bright colours and will probably wear it with blue sandals as I wear a lot of blue. See photos at the bottom.

We went to Dublin Zoo also and I am an absolute sucker for stationary everywhere I go. I think I just about have a pen from every place I have ever visited. It is usually a gift shop stop for me whenever we visit a landmark, go sightseeing or visit a new city. My hubby even brings me them back from places. So, I obviously had to get myself a pen (and pencil) from the zoo. I also picked up these little notebooks. I don’t know about anyone else, but when you are a writer, you just go through so many notebooks, pieces of paper (receipts, chewing gum wrappers haha!!). They are so cute and we had such a lovely day that I am going to use these notebooks for something special!!

When in the airport, we discovered that there were several delays with flights and while our information wasn’t released yet, I pre-empted a delay and picked up a few books from WHSmith. I can’t remember the last time I bought a paperback. I have had that many books to get through, I just haven’t needed to. 

However, The Sky Is Everywhere caught my eye by Jandy Nelson. This book is young adult and is part of the zoella book club so you know it going to be a good read. I also picked up See Me by Nicholas Sparks. I love Nicholas Sparks, I think I have read nearly everything by him and I love every single one of them. Some of them are a bit heartbreaking but I am looking forward to reading this one, having read the blurb. I think its a bit similar to Safe Haven.

We ended up being delayed by nearly 2 hours – definitely a good idea!

In the airport, I always like to pick up a few bits and bobs of beauty items and usually some perfume. However, as I have recently bought quite a lot of products and just had a birthday so got some bits and pieces for that, I didn’t really want a lot. 

I do however, like a bargain! Dublin airport Terminal 1 isn’t the biggest airport I have ever been to for shopping, but the makeup counters are fab and well stocked. I had a little chat with the lady at the benefit counter as I was thinking about purchasing a few products. I do have some other items from Benefit but sometimes I just can’t justify the prices when I have other things to spend my money on (like, life!) so she recommended this little pack. 

The Frisky Six set is a compilation of six of the Benefit products, little minis that I can try out before I decide if I love it or not. This set was only 28 euros which equates to around £22.00. It includes they’re real mascara wand, Lollitint, Lollibalm, Sunbeam, Sugarbomb and Ooh La Lift. I’m really looking forward to trying these products – I will review this when I have tried them out.

I also picked up the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant. Lately, my lips have been so dry and chapped – it doesn’t make for a good look. I actually bought this for my holiday. I plan on using it for the plane and for sunbathing too. I love lip balms and love the feeling of having it on my lips. What I don’t love is having to constantly putting it on as it dries out with the heat. 

So, I am hoping that this can go the distance – I’ll let you know in the summer.

Rachael xox

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