Avon Colour Correcting Pearls …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share this review of the Avon ideal flawless colour correcting pearls

As my regular readers will know, I love Avon products and I often find the quality is definitely worth the price. I think the quality of the packaging is great too – it comes boxed firstly, and then is displayed in black glossy packaging with white writing.

I have never really tried face pearls much so this was a new one for me and you do need to be careful as when brushing them around I lost a few to the floor. Luckily, I have dark carpets but if you have cream – be extremely careful.

So, the pearls’ purpose is to even out the skintone and correct uneven pigment. I have some darker pigmentations on my skin and often, I find that my tone is quite uneven so I was excited to try.

You can use this alone or under makeup. I have tried both and I find I don’t see much difference when wearing it with makeup as I have good coverage makeup.

However, for the days when I want to go makeup free, this is a definite confidence booster of a product. The different coloured pearls have different uses.

Purple- counteracts yellowness. 


Yellow- neutralises purple tones.

Green – reduces redness. 

Peach – balances dark spots. 

I am thrilled with this product. I find that I can go without makeup, even on a bad skin day as I use this product to even out my skin tone. I did think it would be a bit difficult with it being in the pearl form, but it is easy to use.

Usually £10, it is only £6 at the moment so grab yourselves a bargain!

If you want to give it a go, then try it out here.

Have you tried a colour corrector?

Rachael xox

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