Ticking one off the bucket list …

Hi guys,

So I have a super long bucket list. I don’t even think I have written it all out, but I will do one day & no doubt share it with you.

But, on that list, and pretty high up, was to see Celine Dion live in concert. I adore Celine Dion. Some of my earliest memories are listening to the Falling into You album while my mum would be tidying the house and even my best friend’s mum when I was little would play the same one. When she brought out the theme tune for Titanic, I literally sat through that film just to hear that song and it wasn’t on til the bloody credits.

I have followed her since then and her latest album, Loved me back to life, was also a great addition with some more contemporary music. Her voice is unreal and after watching endless amounts of video footage and her live shows in vegas that were televised, I finally got the chance to see her for myself.

We always thought it would be Vegas when we see her but I am hoping that we can see her for a second time there. When she released her tickets for her UK tour, I literally sat in my head office car park for twenty minutes refreshing my phone to be able to book them.



Now originally, we were meant to be in Manchester stadium but obviously with the hideous attacks that happened there, it meant the entire show had to be moved. We then rebooked for Leeds with priority booking due to the cancellation. Our seats weren’t as good as what they were for Manchester as we were on the balcony. I think for ยฃ120 a ticket, I kind of expected something a little better but the fact that I was in the same room as Celine Dion helped ease it!!


Celine and her support act were just incredible. The support act was a lady who impersonates Celine. I have completely forgot her name BUT she also pulled off many other big hits like christina aguilera, tina, adele and pink and sounded just like them. Celine then arrived to Power of Love and I was gone – I sobbed my little heart out the majority of the way through.

Highlights for me were when she sang a song that was written for her by Pink for her husband. The raw emotion and grief all over her face as well as in every word she sang was so touching. The energy in the room was unreal. She knows how to work a crowd but she is also an extremely funny person. She didn’t just sing a bunch of songs and leave – she spoke to us about her career and losing Renee. I actually love her!

I definitely hope we can book her for Vegas but if it was a once in a lifetime experience, it was amazing. One ticked off the list.

Have you seen Celine? Have you ticked anything off your bucket list?

Rachael xox

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