Six days in New York: Day One


Day one in new york was slightly chaotic. We flew from Newcastle to JFK via Heathrow. As our transfer time in Heathrow was really short, when we arrived at JFK we got a text to say that our bags were not on our plane with us! We went to the BA claim desk and they gave us $100 dollars ($50 each) for essentials etc. and were assured that they would be delivered that same night. However, we didn’t get them until the following evening which was very annoying but we were in New York so we quickly got over it.

I had planned the itinerary meticulously, using the different areas of New York as reference and there were several places we wanted to go and eat too so I made sure I factored those in.

When we freshened up and left our hotel, it was absolutely pouring down. We stayed at The Sheraton, Times Square. The hotel was lovely and apart from lax security and a teeny bathroom, it was a lovely place to stay. The plan for the evening was the public library, Grand Central station and the Empire State Building. We had decided that when we were going to the Empire State Building, we were going to eat at the heartland brewery which is beneath. Unfortunately, due to the rain, we decided to eat at a little place across the road from us; The Stage Coach Tavern. We both had a variation on a burger and it was gorgeous. It has a part glass roof at the front of the restaurant which was fab to sit underneath in the rain.

After this we made our way down past the public library and into Grand Central Terminal. This is a fab place to walk around just for the architecture but there is a food court underneath the main terminal that has EVERYTHING. There is also a small food market that has a vast selection of goods; cakes, deli, spices! Definitely high on the list.

After this, we went to the Empire State Building. It was fab and the views were amazing. The weather was a little foggy but the views were still immense. The Empire State was fab but I don’t think its on the top of our list for future visits.

We then had a slow walk back up 5th avenue towards our hotel. We picked up some snacks and pop for the hotel room and then hit the sack (it had been a LONG day!).

Enjoy pics and please leave your best places in New York!!

Rachael xox

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