Six days in New York: Day Three


Day three in New York was a lot better with our own clothes on! We stopped for breakfast at Lindy’s which was right near our hotel. It was sooo expensive, way more than we wanted to pay but it was convenient for us. We then made our way on the subway down to the Highline. The highline was fab; it is basically just a walkway amongst the high rises of Tribeca. Not only do you get to have a good nosy through the windows of the rich (and possibly famous) but you also get this unreal view of each street as you walk along it. It is a dis-used railway track and takes you all the way to 34th street. We then did a shop in Macy’s. Macy’s is a huge designer department store that my husband visibly cringed when he saw the size and the vastness of the place. Again, I bought a handbag (see the haul post) and we then went to Hooters for lunch. Obv, not a place I would have chosen but my hubby quite liked the idea. He got wings and beer and I got a wrap. It was lovely but I don’t think we would pop it on the top of our list in future.ย 

We were pretty much beat after this so we made our way back up on the subway and returned to the hotel to chill for a bit and get changed. We then made our way to the Rockefeller Centre. We did Top of the Rock which was amazing! We definitely had the better experience than Empire State. It was a little foggy and it was lower than Empire State but the glass screens made it more visible. There was also a higher spot that you could take unspoilt photos from. I definitely would do this again, it was just less busy and less tourists too. We then took a stroll around the Rockefeller Centre Plaza too and had a stroll around the NBC shop. The shop is open but they are still working on the studios so unfortunately the tour wasn’t on. They have the BEST Friends souvenirs so you if you are a fan, you need to check it out. The lego shop is also worth checking out if you have a young adult for a hubby or children. They have built the Rockefeller Centre out of Lego and it is so cool – they also have Lego Pick and Mix. New York is really just amazing.

By this time, we were super tired. I think day 3 just wiped us a bit as it had pretty much been non-stop. We went to Grand Sichuan Just Gourmet (I think) – just off Broadway and 51st (?) and picked up some tasty Chinese Food – we also popped to the 7-11 for some desserts too. Food was soo good.

Rachael xox

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