Six Days in New York: Day Five

Hi all, 

A little delayed but here is New York Day Five!! We were quite tired at this point but had quite a few bits and pieces we wanted to see and do, especially shopping. We started our day with a trip back to ellen’s stardust diner for breakfast. They mixed up our order a little so wasn’t a great start to the day but the serenading definitely eased any tension over this. We had a stroll from here over to Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales was amazing and very modern looking. I bought a lot of goodies but I will pop them all in a separate haul post. I could have spent forever in there, had this been a girly holiday instead of being with the hubby then I probably would have! We then popped over to Serendipity 3 which is just around the corner. I have wanted to go to both Bloomingdales and Serendipity ever since I saw the film Serendipity. Chris got the frozen hot chocolate and I got the cheesecake. They were both delicious!! We then strolled back along to fifth avenue and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. Fifth Avenue was really busy but it was a Saturday. I got dragged out of Tiffany’s with my credit card in hand, only under the promise that future gifts would come in the form of charms for my bracelet. If you are going to New York, when you go to Fifth Avenue (and you will), make sure to pop in to St Patrick’s cathedral for a good look around. It is a beautiful and stunning cathedral and has the most intricate designs. We sat for a while, lit a candle and just took it all in. There was a wedding in occurence in the middle of the aisles. I don’t think I would like to have a wedding infiltrated by a massive amount of tourists.

On that evening we were absolutely exhausted. I think the full week and the jet lag had finally caught up on us so we grabbed a pizza from Ray’s Pizza. It was just down the road from us at our hotel. We also got some mozzarella sticks which were gorgeous. We snacked on Cheetos from the rest of the night too. For us English, there comparison would be wotsits but Cheetos are unreal.

That is it from Day Five. More from New York soon.

Rachael xox

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