Avon True Colour Lipstick …

Hi guys,

I cannot believe that I haven’t spoken about these lipsticks before. 

I love Avon products full stop due to the quality and although I don’t usually wear lipstick, I find I can really get away with the Avon colours. Here are two of my favourite colours!

At £7.50, these lipsticks aren’t the cheapest – you can usually pick up a couple from Rimmel or Collection for only £4-£5.00 but these versions from Avon for me, have excellent quality.

I get the loveliest shine but they are also infused with shea butter and vitamin E. This makes my lips be super soft, when some formulas really dry them out.

I think these shades may have discontinued a little while ago, but check out the huge range here.

I think they are definitely worth trying out, they have the nicest shades – even for those who have the worst suitability for lipsticks (moi!)!

Have you got any lipstick recommendations for me??

Rachael xox

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