The hair tools I actually use …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you my every day hair tolls and what I think about them.

I use this Scunci Flipside Radial Brush for blowdrying my hair. I think it helps me to create volume. The blue side is to shape the hair and the black bristles are to give my hair shine.

The bottom brush is a detangler, you can find similar here and here. I bought this one from Home Bargains and it was only about £4.99.

This simple tail comb is what I use when I am straightening or curling my hair. I bought this one from Wilko for less than a £1 but I am going to upgrade to this GHD one. Bit more pricey, but I reckon it will be a better quality and probably get through my ratty hair a little bit better!

These are my hair straighteners. They are priced at only £39,95 and are the Diamond Hair Straighteners. They have a curved edging which are perfect for curling and heat to 235 degrees so give me a poker straight finish. They are the best straighteners I have used and I don’t get any frizz at all with them! Such a bargain too. If you are in the market for a new set, then pick these up!

I got this Mark Hill hairdryer as a gift quite a while ago, you can find a similar one here priced at £59,99. I am in the market for a new one as this one has definitely reached the end of its shelf life. I could be tempted to purchase another Mark Hill as this one has been super good – it dries so quickly!

The one I really want is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer but that is quite expensive! However, I do like the look of this GHD hairdryer so I may try that one too!

Which hair tools do you use?

Rachael xox 

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