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How do you do? Hartlepool Restaurant …

Hi guys,

So I feel like lately all I have talked about is going out to eat but I promise you I do not do this all the time!

My best friend Charlotte and I often pop out for lunch when it’s half term and my day off (she is a teacher) but luckily, our other friend Hayley, who moved to Carlisle for work was also home so we went out for a lovely lunch. 

We have been visiting the Marina more and more because so many individual places have just opened up. We are loving the quirky layouts and good home cooked food!

On this occasion, we decided to go to How Do You Do in Hartlepool. 

It is only small but the tables are heavy wood, they have a turfed lawn on the front with chairs for in the Summer and have some lovely touches such as the Ferris wheel above.

Hayley is a vegetarian so she ordered a quiche which she really enjoyed. Charlotte opted for the deep filled pie and I decided on a chicken burger with chips and side salad. 

The food was beautiful and the place had a lovely atmosphere (although it sounded like the manager was having some account issues on the phone in the background). This is another bar that serves food during the day but they have an excellent cocktail menu for the evening. We will be back for those, for sure!

Have you been here?

Rachael xox

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