The Foundations I turn to …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you my foundation collection and what I think of each product!

Avon Cream to Powder foundation – currently £6

I use this foundation if I am just popping out for the day to run errands. It is such a simple product to use. You just wipe it on your face with the provided sponge and use the sponge to blend in. It is super soft and creamy, but once on your skin it does turn quite powdery. It covers all blemishes as its quite thick, but I do find that I have to moisturise well before using this product as the powdery texture highlights the dry patches in my skin. It is definitely a 2-in-1 product so I then just bronzer a little and use a little blush and ready to go.

It is only £6 which makes it a super cheap and easy product to use that it makes sense to keep one in my foundation collection all the time. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – £9

This is one of the first foundations I have ever used. I adore Rimmel makeup as you can always find great products for really low prices. I tend to use this more as a night out/party kind of foundation as it is a lot thicker than anything else I wear and so gives me better coverage.

It also lasts for most of the night too which is good (especially when you’re out until 3 or 4!)

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation – £8.99

This foundation I use if my skin is absolutely hanging. The clue is in the title here. It literally feels as though my skin wakes up and is a lot better condition. So, I know if I have been out all night, dehydrated, left my makeup on over night and I am going out the next day, I know this foundation will give me the perk I need for my skin and still make me look OK – not fantastic, but okay!

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Foundation – similar here £9.99

This foundation is also one of the first I ever bought. I have repurchased Rimmel makeup time and time again as I find it is so good. This one works in a similar way to the match perfection and gives me as equally good coverage as well as lasting well into the night for a night out so I use it for the same purpose. I normally just switch between the two for an event. I also just buy whichever is on offer at the time.

Rimmel Fresher Skin foundation – £7.49

I have reviewed this product previously here. The Rimmel Fresher Skin foundation is amazing. It is definitely for when you are having better skin days but your skin doesn’t need to be totally perfect. It is quite a thin texture but still gives you a lot of texture. It doesn’t last as long as I would like but I can usually get through the workday with only a touch up around lunch time. 

What I love about this product is that it absolutely blends to my face’s natural colour. My only negative is that I do tend to overuse it due to the consistency and then it doesn’t last me as long! So while I will be repurchasing this, I’ll have to use it more sparingly.

L’oreal Infallible Foundation – £7.99

I have reviewed this product previously here. So I am still in love with this product. It is is the best for staying matte throughout the day and paired with a good primer, I could go right through to a night out too. This is honestly one of the best products I have ever used and I recommend this to most people when they have oily skin. My only snag still is that my skin does have to be fully moisturised and prepped (which it should be anyway), as it does cling to any dry patches I may have and makes them worse.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation – £12.99

Revlon colour stay foundation is up there with the l’oreal infallible foundation. It is long lasting and has a very good colour to it too. I know that sounds a little odd but it matches my skin tone very closely. I do find it is quite thick however, so I have to work this in and blend it quite a lot so I don’t end up with thick patches.

Avon Mousse Foundation – £5.50

This mousse foundation is a little dark for me even in the lighter shades. It gives good coverage on my face but again is something to work in completely. I do tend to wear this in the Summer as it light enough to work with when I have a darker skin shade. 

Avon Calming Effects Foundation – powder version here £5.50

Avon calming effects foundation is a good product for when you are having an awful skin day. It has good coverage – so much so that you don’t technically need to wear a concealer with it. 

My only problem is that the pump with it stops working each time I have bought this product.

It is now not available although you can sometimes buy it from the clearance catalogues from Avon. There is a powder link available up above which I have also used previously and coverage is good!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation – £10.99

This is not a product that I use all the time, my collection is so big that I find that I don’t actively reach for this but every now and then I use it and remember how good of a product it is. It is one of the most expensive out of the products I use, so maybe I wouldn’t purchase this over any particular other BUT if you haven’t tried it, then it is probably worth a go. 

Good for coverage and it gives my skin a much needed boost when needed. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation – currently only £3.99

This is the best for bargain product. I use Collection lasting perfection concealer too which is super cheap. For a student or someone starting out with a makeup collection, this is the type of make up I would go for. It is slightly thick but has amazing coverage and really does last but it is also so affordable. 

Collection makeup itself is such a good brand at affordable prices.

Avon ideal flawless nude makeup – £4.50

This again is a product for in the Summer, maybe on holiday when you only need a light dusting to even your face out. It is so light but gives good coverage. I think it is supposed to be more of a BB cream but I find it great as a lightweight foundation. 

I am going to be starting trying out new brands soon as I have used all of these brands for such a long time, any recommendations?

Are any of my favourites yours?

Rachael xox

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