How to have groomed nails …

Hi guys,

So I wanted to share with you my nail grooming routine. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I actually work with food. I am an area manager so I don’t handle the food on a daily basis but rules still apply to me with things like nail varnish and false nails.

I can’t wear anything at all – meaning I need to keep my natural nails in tip top condition.

Once a week, I do a little manicure for myself without the actual nail varnishes.

I start off by clipping my nails to a reasonable size and I then trim any excess skin from around the nail, although this isn’t a common occurrence for me as I am not a biter.ย 

I then push my cuticles back with this stick. Apparently, this helps your nails to grow and prevents bacteria from entering around the nail bed. I then use my nail file/buffer. This comes in a 4 step routine.

1. File

2. Buff

3. Polish

4. Shine

I absolutely love this little device and it makes my nails look amazing. If you do this every night, you end up looking like you do have acrylics on but I do not have time for that!

I then repeat this process with my toenails – however, for them, I can wear nail polish!

These are my fave go to nail polishes. I either for a proper manicure/pedicure with nude and white and then a clear coat on the top or I go for a red shade!

So that is how I get groomed nails, is there anything you do on top of this?

Rachael xox

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