Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner …

Hi guys,

I literally use this product every day and I have never blogged about it. I have purchased this product about nine times and I think it is just because I use it all of the time and have never actually given thought to the actual product.

So, I didn’t use to wear eyeliner every day but I started to experiment with it on my upper lid and I found it looked really good with this product but not other liquid eyeliners. Some brushes were too thick or the pens didn’t have the same control but I then found this product.

This is the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner that you can purchase at Boots. I usually pay £2.99 on this item, depending on whether there is an offer or quite often, you can get it on a 3 for 2 combined with other products. At the moment at Boots it is priced at only £2.50.

I find with this brush, I have a nice dark pigmented colour and the brush is super easy to control meaning I can do a thin or thick line across my lid and a slight flick if I need to.

This is definitely my go to liquid eyeliner and if you have trouble controlling a brush, then I would definitely try this one!

Rachael xox

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