Lili Aromatherapy Scrubs …

Hi guys,

I have been using Lili Aromatherapy scrubs for a little while now after they kindly sent me some to try out and I wanted to share them with you. I was very excited to receive them as I love at home pampering and DIY spa days and thought that these would be perfect to join my collection of products.

The scrubs arrived in this small cloth bag with a little tie handle. I received the pack of three body scrubs they sell and the packaging of the individual scrubs are so cute too! They have a tropical print on them and come in a handy resealable pouch to keep them fresh.

They were also sent with a Sri Lankan postcard with a lovely note from the brand too.

The whole aim of Lili Aromatherapy is to provide the consumer with exotic spa quality products that you can use at home. They want their customers to have the benefit of the healing power of aromatherapy through their body scrubs. The brand was founded through their love of visiting spas during their travels abroad. Having lived in Sri Lanka for some time, the founders came to realise that most of the healing ingredients used in luxurious spa treatments actually came from Sri Lanka and the natives used them in their beauty treatments. They developed a product from this in order to share the benefits of the Sri Lankan treatments with the world.

The products are 100% vegan, natural and all handmade.

For me, I use a body scrub when I use the bath which tends to be 3 times a week (the rest of the time I will shower). My baths tend to be the time when I will have that extra bit of pamper time (when I am catching up with my YT subscriptions.)

To use, all you have to do is massage it into the skin and then allow to rinse off. 

Meditation amongst lotuses

The meditation scrub has the best scent out of the three. I found using this one left me feeling relaxed with the aromatherapy oils used. The website recommends this product if you are between waxes or are feeling stressed.

An Affair Amongst Jasmines

This scrub was the best for results of the skin. The brand recommends use when you want glowing skin or you have a hot date and I would completely agree with that one. I find this works especially well for me when I have a tan and just finished off the glow.

Serenity Amongst Lavender Fields

This scrub is perfect for a late night scrub before getting into bed. The heavy lavender scent is amazing to chill you out and help you with a good night’s sleep.

One of the best things about the scrubs is that you only need a small amount so it will last a really long time. I will definitely be repurchasing these scrubs once I have used them all up (although this probably won’t be for a while!). 

Rachael xox

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