Moda Makeup Blush Brush …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my review of this blush brush. I picked this up from Asda and it was only £4.97 and I am not going to lie but it was the colour that attracted me to it!

This is Moda Pro Makeup blush brush from Royal and Langnickel. It is the BMD 130 brush.

So I have been using this brush for a little while but I found I couldn’t work it with my blush. It is super soft and seems to not be too fixed in place which I find doesn’t give me enough of a sweep in the cheeks. 

So, I started to use this brush for my bronzer instead. I absolutely adore this brush for bronzer. It is super easy and soft to spread over my face. I also find I don’t get too much of a dark coverage on the face as it doesn’t work in as much due to the softness of the brush.

I would definitely buy another brush from this brand as I have really loved this one!

Have you got any products you have used for a different purpose?

Rachael xox

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