The beauty tools I actually use …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the beauty tools and accessories that I actually use. I seem to have a collection of a ridiculous amount of sponges, metal things, brushes and due to my recent minimalism pledge, I have had a major sort out of EVERYTHING and I thought I would share with you the beauty tools that I use on a regular basis.

Face Mask Brush Brush

I found this face mask brush on ebay and as you can see (oops!) from the photo, it has been well used. It is amazing and saves all of the messy hands too. One of the best products I have thought to buy. Also, similar brushes were £8 in The Body Shop!

Brush Cleaner

I saw this product when Fee from Make Up Savvy shared it on one of her Ebay hauls. I thought I would give it a go but I wasn’t holding out much hope. It is fantastic. I can use the same makeup brush to do a whole smokey eye as the product comes off onto the sponge cleaner. It literally takes off all of the excess product so it’s clean enough for you to use with a different shade. 

Small makeup sponges

These small make up sponges are so handy when concealing around the eyes. That is usually what I am using for and find them super handy. These are super cheap on Ebay. 

Hair grips

Probably the most boring item on here but I have found these big tups of hair grips from Wilkos so handy! There are tonnes in here and it’s handy to have extras, especially as I leave them all over my house. 

Beauty Blender

I love the beauty blender, If you want a branded product, Real Techniques do a great set of mixed blenders in all sorts of shapes. I picked up this one on Ebay and I find it does the job really well. It has a straight edge which is superb for blending and contouring!

Eyebrow stencils

I find these useful when I have limited time or I have over plucked my eyebrows (always guilty of that). They were so cheap from Avon and come out when I am bald above my eyes! 

Rose gold Sharpener – Primark

I picked up this sharpener at Primark and it was only about £1.00. It looks amazing on my dressing table but obviously I use m sharpener as I go through eyebrow pencil like nobody’s business!


I have several pairs of tweezers I use, I often use Tweezerman tweezer or a cheapy £4 pair from The Avon. These Laura Mercier tweezers are amazing – they are definitely on my wishlist.

Rose Gold Eyelash Curler – Primark

I bought this the same time as the sharpeners and they are so good. They curl my eyelashes really well and I blow my hairdryer on them for a little while to get them nice and hot before I curl to ensure they stay curled! I love the rose gold colour too. Like the sharpener, it looks gorgeous on my dressing table!

Do you use any other beauty tools?

Rachael xox

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