The Avon Eyebrow Kit …

Hi guys,

So I have been trying out this eyebrow kit for a little while now so I thought I would share with you my thoughts. 

I love Avon beauty products and I find although some of them are a little bit more expensive than typical high street brands, the quality is superb. The packaging and the colour ranges are always superb too.

All of Avon makeup come in the little cardboard boxes too so they make great little gifts. This eyebrow kit comes with the brunette shade powder and then a clear wax too. There is a little mirror in the lid which is ideal. The little kit also has a small brush in it with a little brush head at each end which is ideal for two stages.

I always brush without product first to get the shape. I then fill in the brow with the brunette colour to fill out the brow. I then use the wax to seal it in place. 

I love this product for the fullness of the brow and the longevity of the actual look – the only thing I find is that the brush doesn’t give me the same control as a pencil so I end up going a little bit fuller on my brows than I would usually!

Have you tried this product?

Have you got a brow recommendation for me?

Rachael xox

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