Blogmas: Thinking about buying the Sanctuary Advent Calendar?

Hi guys,

If you are thinking about purchasing the Sanctuary Advent Calendar this year .. here is my opinions from last year …

I love the advent calendars as it is my little countdown to Christmas. So what did I think?

As you can see from the products above it was jam packed and there was definitely a mix of different items. There were some absolute crappy bits such as an exfoliating glove, cuticle stick, toe separators, nail file etc. but there were some great products too. The facial serum and moisturiser were really good products and the Sanctuary wonder body product is amazing too.

I enjoyed the top up of shower gels, body lotions and bubble baths and they all smell gorgeous. The thermal detox mask is good too. My favourite product out of the entire box is the salt scrub which was absolutely amazing!

It was a good price (around £30) and the products were a good mix. My only annoyance is the little bits of random crap – the worst were a binder clip and a heart stencil. 

However, if you are a fan of these products, this is such a good product to keep you going throughout the year.

Did you try an advent calendar?

Rachael xox

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