Blogmas: My review of The Polar Express last year …

I wanted to share this post with you about the Polar Express Experience from last year .. so magical, and although it isn’t on in Weardale this year, fingers crossed it will be back…

Hi guys,

So I have been to the Polar Express Experience previously with my niece and my friend’s stepsister, but this year is the first that we took my friend’s little girl, Holly. Holly will be three on the 23rd Dec so we decided to go for her birthday. We couldn’t get tickets on that date, but decided to go a little earlier.

This year, it just seemed better than the previous two. Holly was very overwhelmed at the entire experience but so were we. For people who haven’t seen The Polar Express film – stop reading, go watch it and then come back.

The Polar Express is situated at the Weardale Railway Station in Stanhope. The carparking is easily accessible although you do have to wait until the previous trip has left it to enter. You pull up and you can see the train and it is all lit with fairy lights.

You have to collect your tickets from the station but one person can do this while the rest queue up. You can use the toilets and or visit the cafe or gift shop before and after the train ride. 

Once you get onto the platform, you can see the conductor’s waiting to help you aboard and then all of the people on the train are dressed as chefs. The chefs get you seated and then before you start the train journey, they play christmas songs.

Once you get going, they start the story and it is Liam Neeson who does the voice over of the story. 

They do a full dance to the Hot Chocolate song and you get served hot chocolate and a cookie.

They then carry on the whole story and you get to listen to the story and they bring a large version around of the book. 

The conductor also comes round and punches the children’s train tickets.

Once you reach “The North Pole”, you can see Santa in his sleigh full of presents and all of the Christmas lights and it is so magical.

The journey goes back to the railway station and when it happens, Santa arrives on board with his elves. Every child receives a bell (and the adults too if you are cheeky enough to ask) and then the elves stop and do a dance with the kids.

You can go to the gift shop or cafe after the ride and even that is set up so magically.

It is such a magical experience and you create such amazing memories.

I definitely recommend this and we are booking again next year!

Have you got any special Christmas events?

Rachael xox

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