Basing my face …

My primers collection & how I use them to base my face!



Hi guys,

Here are the current five go to primers in my collection. These five I use under my makeup, I do use a spray on top of my makeup, which I have talked about previously.


Revlon Photoready primer*

This primer I have had quite a while (it should probably go in the bin) but I do still use it when my skin is in fab condition as I think it adds a bit of a translucent base to my face. It acts as a bit of a highlighter as well as a primer.

Maybelline The Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser*

This definitely works and makes your skin look much better but it also has a sticky oily feeling to it and does leave a bit of a greasy residue on your hands. I love the idea and effect but I do feel a shine coming through later on in the day. It doesn’t put me off repurchasing it but I would need to do a top up of powder or blot through the day.

Avon Magix Primer

This product is actually a repurchase. I bought this because I discovered primers and went a little crazy and I do think Avon can bring out some diamond products. This primer in particular has a fab effect, sinks into the skin (almost like a cleansing balm) and it also has a non greasy texture. My only little downfall with it is that it is in a compact and is the balm consistency as I find these harder to apply as I usually like to use a brush to apply the primers. I do think Avon have brought out a similar thing in a cream so I may have to purchase that one.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect* / Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer*

My top use primers – I use these basically everyday until I run out and have to switch to something else. I have repurchased this product quite a lot. The Fix and perfect primer is great when you are having problem skin. My skin is combination so I do find that i have a lot of issues around the time of my period. This can often lead to breakouts, dry patches or severe oil. I find this primer reduces all of this and allows me to apply my usual makeup routine.

The fix and protect primer is great for the summer – it has an SPF and helps to protect your skin from damage so I tend to use this one on holiday too. It also helps in the winter too when the central heating takes a toll on your skin.


Have you tried a primer you could recommend for me?

Rachael xox

*These products have an affiliate link attached to them. This means that I get a couple of extra pennies if you should take a peek at them. Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you anything – it basically just gives me a couple of extra pennies for passing the products on through word of mouth.




















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