Au Revoir 2017…



Hi all,

I am well and truly ready for 2018 so I thought I would do a little recap on 2017 and some highlights from the year!

In January, Chris and I took a little road trip up through Northumberland to the Scotland borders & then back down and paid a little visit to Holy Island. This was a gift bought for us but we had such a lovely time. You can read about it here. I had always wanted to go and visit Holy Island so it was such an amazing opportunity!


In Feb, we had a family trip out to a lovely big cottage in the midst of the East Coast. It was a Christmas present from Chris and I and it was nice to be all under the same roof as my parents and sisters and brother in law. You can read about the trip here. We visited The deep aquarium in Hull & Eden Camp too. They were fab places to visit & can highly recommend them both.


During half term, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a lovely little spa day at the Bannatyne’s gym. It was super relaxing and it is definitely something I am taking through to this year too!

In March, a group of us finally did an Escape Rooms and it was so much fun. If you have never done this, you absolutely need to!! I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to all be able to contribute to the game and we were all super hyper by the end.

In May, we flew to Hong Kong to meet my auntie and grandparents. We visited all of the sites (posts on this to come soon – I’ve been busy!!) and we got to see where they lived when my grandad was in the army. Hong Kong is an absolutely beautiful place and can highly recommended. Here is a guide to my hand luggage.


In June, we finally got to go and see Celine Dion in concert and it was absolutely unreal. She was incredible and I it completely fulfilled my dreams. It was everything I wanted it to be and more and yes, I cried like an idiot. To be fair, most of the audience did. I am hoping to see her again in Las Vegas, but we will see. I was over the moon to tick it off the bucket list!

Also in June, we went to the Harry Potter Experience .. again I will give you a full review on this but if you are a Potter nut like me, well worth it. I nearly cried at the very beginning!



We also did a little weekend camping trip in July and visited the Lakes Wildlife Park – it was fab!


In July, Chris completed the three peaks challenge in 24 hours so we got a lot of walking practice in and got to see a lot of our local countryside. It made me embrace the area we live in. I feel like if you become a tourist in your own area, you really get a feel for a place. We visited Osmotherley and it was stunning.

In August, I went to Chester Zoo which was amazing. My sister and I visited and it was so incredible. The highlight was definitely the elephants. They had babies!!


In August, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and we went to a campsite in Yorkshire – post coming soon too. We went for the bank hol weekend, hired a yurt and chilled with the dogs. They enjoyed their first holiday with us but slept the whole way home!


In September, we flew to Ibiza on an all inclusive week away. It was lovely to see the island. We usually try to go a little further afield than Spain but it was a stunning place. We chilled and were so relaxed. Post coming soon on that too (bad blogger!!)


The past couple of months have been spent updating our house a little with new carpets and sofas and finishing off some odd jobs. In November, I accepted a job with a new company and I started working there four weeks ago.

Other than this, we have thoroughly enjoyed hosting our own Christmas day for the family this year. If you did want to see how I decorated for Christmas, you can take a peek here. More of the same next year!! We usually visit the Polar Express experience in Weardale, but this year we did the Train to Christmastown instead – I will review this for those interested but here is the Polar Express link for those who haven’t heard of it.


So, that is a basic round up of my highlights this year … What about you?


Rachael xox




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