Things to look forward to in 2018…

Hi guys,



So 2017 is now over and done with so I am looking forward to 2018 & have lots of plans so far, I can’t wait to make some more and fit as much as possible in …

Here is a little list of things to look forward to in 2018…..


  • London – A xmas pressie from hubby and we go in a week!
  • Milton Keynes – a visit the week after London to go and see our friends
  • Cotswolds – We rearranged this from last year so we could go to Ibiza but excited to go for a five day trip in a log cabin
  • Mexico – A trip with my parents, sisters, bro in law, the hubby & my niece – for ten days in May we will be sunning it up
  • Las Vegas – Hubby is 30 this year so we are taking a five day trip to Las Vegas to celebrate – hopefully not too much like The Hangover but we are willing to host a tiger in the bathroom.



  • I started a new job in December so looking forward to really getting my teeth stuck into it. Still an area manager but for a fashion retailer so much more up my street than pasties and cakes. I am still in my training period so I definitely can’t wait to make a difference.
  • I am going to complete the Chartered Institute of Management qualification this year. I always thought I would go and do a Masters qualification after I finished uni at some point and my degree in business management would have allowed for quite a series of options
  • I have also decided to do the Style Coach Qualification – I think this something that will be good for me in the job I am in, will help me to dress myself personally and professionally and is also something I can look at in the future too!



  • New car – I get a company car with work so looking forward to receiving that in a couple of weeks time!
  • Generally looking forward to spending time with the people that mean the most to me in the world


What are you looking forward to?

Rachael xox

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