Goals for 2018 …

Hi guys,

I don’t like to make resolutions because from experience, they don’t really stick. I prefer to break down my year into measurable goals and reflect back on them later. I am going to make sure I stick to and achieve each one. I plan on writing a reflection post for December and writing that I have achieved all of them! I also plan on making a vision board to keep me focused (more on that once it is done).





I spent a lot of time in 2017 running around for other people, putting my work first & literally wearing myself out. I don’t have a set plan on how to achieve more time for me but things like spa days, manicures and even getting my hair done will be a regular thing. Even taking some time for a magazine with a cuppa or soaking in a bubble bath. My goal for improving my self is to not get myself worked up, reduce stress levels but also to do a little bit of soul searching. I plan on becoming a bit more of a yes person. I don’t suffer with anxiety on a major level, but changes to my routine can sometimes be a little bit more stressful. It doesn’t really affect me too much but this can sometimes lead me to turn down experiences – I am going to try my best to overcome this.


I feel like there is such a big part of our lives spent around work that if you don’t enjoy a job role or don’t find it “enough” for you, you need to make some changes. Therefore I myself changed my job a couple of weeks ago. While I am still training, I can see that this company fits with the way I want to work. I love the new aspects of the role I will be learning, the people I have met so far have been great & I know it is something I can really make a difference in.  I am also going to be joining the chartered institute of management and completing their qualification this year. I also want to finish the style coaching course that I haven’t had chance to start yet – it is a bit of a hobby too.


I have London, MK, Cotswolds, Mexico and Las Vegas booked in so far but I would like to do a few weekends away too. My new job is Monday to Friday so for me and hubby, this opens up weekend trips. I am hoping to get away on a few European trips or get out and about in the UK. I think day trips are going to become a big part of our weekends. We live in such a great part of England and we don’t always get to see it.

I also think I am going to create a bit of a “tourist in my own town” series on my blog to show you what is on my doorstep!


This year more than any has made me see how much I just haven’t seen anyone this year. Time has been spent working or tidying up the house or doing odd jobs – I feel like some of this can be pushed to one side and I can build up my relationships with my family and friends. I also plan on focusing on those people who I want to be around & not those who don’t want to be around me. I don’t have time for people who don’t have time for me – family or not!


I joined slimming world this year and got to my two stone award but I know that since starting my new job, I haven’t been able to focus as much as I was previously but my number one priority is to get to my target weight by the end of April in time for Mexico. I will be doing this between Slimming world & exercising. I do plan on changing it up and doing some treadmill (we have one at home), some exercise classes & also taking advantage of the Wii and doing the just dance games!

I have also realised in the last few weeks that I am pushing 30. In fact, I can now say that not next year but the year after – I am 30. So I have decided to up my skincare routine and get a proper routine in place. I don’t drink a lot but cutting down on nights out and too much prosecco will help. Also, drinking plenty of water which is something else I haven’t done a lot of.


My blog has always been a hobby for me. I haven’t really looked at it as money making or a business but I have increased on those things this year. I am not sure how my blog will change this year or how much time I can devote to it with all my plans but I still plan on posting 1-2 times a week. My posts will definitely become quality over quantity, which is a good move to make. My blog is a way of keeping a diary of my life so I think it will become more about experiences and travel – I also have a lot of backdated posts to get through so my plan is to complete those by the end of Feb.

This year I managed to move over to my own domain with my blog and switched to wordpress rather than blogger. In doing so, my followers count is much more “real” – I hope to have double this from 100 to 200 during next year.


Reading is an absolute passion of mine and in my study, I currently have about 100 unread books that have actually been sat there for a LONG time. I am planning on reading ALL of them over the next year. I tried reviewing books on here but it doesn’t really work for me as what I read is so varied. I may try some list styles instead where I do a round up of books I have read recently and a summary of them.

I also plan on going next level organisation with personal aspects of my life. I am always so organised with work as I need to be and therefore manage my time really well. However, sometimes things like birthdays or shopping or even doing basic things around the house are last minute purchases – I plan on using one diary to keep everything in.

I have also bought a budget planner to help keep me organised with my money this year. We live very good lives, have amazing holidays and always manage to buy the things we want to & put some savings away too. However, I am now earning a chunk more money & saving extra due to getting a company car so this year I want to become a bit more forceful with savings so that we can start looking at buying some properties to rent out & also overpay on our mortgage so that we can reduce the term (very grown up, right?)


SO 2018 is looking to be quite a busy year and it is only early days – I just posted about my goodbye to 2017 here & saying hello to 2018 here.  Have a read – what are you going to achieve in 2018?

Rachael xox


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  1. I really loved this post! Im totally the same with make more measurable goals that I can reflect on throughout the year! I definitely think you should include the series about your hometown, its such good idea! Also your travel list that you have for this year, is incredible! Hope you have the best year lovely x

    Shan |


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