Where we stayed & what I bought in WB Harry Potter Studios ….

Hi guys,

I have had a couple of questions about where we stayed when we visited the Harry Potter Studios tour so I thought I would share it with you. Basically, we decided to drive down to the studios because it is about 3 and a half hour drive for us whereas I know it is a little further afield for others.

We drove down on the morning of the tour and then stayed overnight. I would recommend staying over the night before so you’re fresh for your tour. Chris and I were pretty knackered. I’m not saying it took it away from the tour but just a little tip!

Anyway we lucked out and booked a room in the holiday inn express in Hemel Hempstead. It was a pretty cheap room and although the room wasn’t amazing – to get our heads down over night was fine. Brekkie the next morning was good too and you could grab food to go if you were in a rush – we had a sit down brekkie but then grabbed a coffee (costa from memory) and a muffin for the journey home.

However, the real winner for this hotel is it’s location. It is literally on the canal and is opposite a moorings site. We popped over the canal to the Marina Spice Lounge which has incredible indian food and then we came back over the bridge to go to The Paper Mill. It was a lovely sunny day and we sat outside. It was absolutely beautiful and The Paper Mill’s menu looked lovely too. I would definitely recommend to stay here if you are going to the Harry Potter tour.


Okay .. so I didn’t buy a hell of a lot on the actual trip to Harry Potter studios. One, because I have made myself a vow to stop buying tat!! Also, I couldn’t even think about spending £30 on a wand to not actually use it (even though I should have got my letter).

So, instead I picked up a pencil, some notebooks and keyring. All things that I would actually use day to day. What I will say though, is that if you have kids – raid their moneybox or use is as a treat because JESUS – the prices are out of this world!

Rachael xox

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