Five February Mini Goals …

Hi guys,

I saw a similar post to this over on Dorkface blog – if you haven’t checked out her page, go take a peek and thought I would start to set my own monthly goals to keep me on track with my 2018 goals.



Image by makeupsavvy

So without further ado …

  1. Read the four outstanding books from different series on my kindle & read the two next paperback/hardbacks in my collection. Trying to clear out both my kindle and my book stash in my cupboard so this will go along way to help.
  2. Blog consistently throughout Feb. I am aiming for a minimum of two posts per weeks and if I can go for three a week then that will be fab!
  3. Restart Slimming World – due to starting my new job and other bits and bobs, I just haven’t had time to get to class and have lost my way. I want to lose a stone in February (totally achievable when I restart it)
  4. Start my style coach qualification – even if it is one study session – this is more of a hobby than an actual career goal, but if it pans out to something special in future then so be it.
  5. Have a no spend February. I am trying to spend nothing apart from ESSENTIAL money! I am trying to save lots of money up for Mexico & Vegas as well as odd bits in the house – I am not going to set a limit for saving, just for not spending on anything. I am off on a mini break next week but won’t be buying anything apart from food & visitor attractions.

Do you set yourself mini goals?


Rachael xox

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