5 things I’ve loved in January …

Hi guys,

Just sharing with you my favourite things from January. January has felt like it has taken forever to be over so looking forward to seeing what Feb brings.





I have been buying a LOT of Costa lately. I will be giving it up this month as not good on Slimming World or on the purse when trying to save – already planning on what to give up for lent. However, I have been through regular, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut & have been so busy with work and quite tired that I have enjoyed having a Costa to keep me going.

Drinking Water

To counteract the coffee, I have really tried to drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated & to help with my weight loss. It also helps that I have been drinking it out of a unicorn cup similar one here. You have to drink the whole bottle twice a day. It also has hour slots on the water to keep you fully hydrated and I feel great!


OMG I have read so much in Jan – been reading loads on a night before bed that has kept me sane and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have read some motivational books, some supernatural and plan on continuing in Feb.

Getting organised

I feel super organised at the minute. Things like birthday cards & gifts, keeping the house clean and tidy and the biggest thing has been keeping on top of work. With 35 shops to look after, making sure everything is done on time has been a number one priority for me and I have definitely kept that going and enjoyed doing it too. It feels great to not have thirty checklists in my mind.

Holiday Planning

One of my favourite things to do anyway, but we have been itinerary planning for our trips planned so far this year as well as planning out what we want to do next year. We have lots planned in 2018, but forward planning is key when you both work full time and have a bucket travel list four miles long! It also keeps us motivated at work having a count down to a hol and thinking about what we will be doing when we’re off!

What have you enjoyed doing in Feb?

Rachael xox

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