5 Netflix Shows I’ve watched in January …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the five shows that I have been watching from Netflix in January. I love a good Netflix show so if you have any that you can recommend, then please do so in the comments!

The Good Place

This show is an absolute HOOT! It features Kristen Bell (who I absolutely love) and she basically opens her eyes into a waiting room and a guy is there to tell her that she has died and this is “The Good Place”. He welcomes her in and shows her around, introduces her to her soul mate and takes her to her perfect house. She then realises she doesn’t belong there at all and that she was actually a horrible person in life. The following episodes are all about her trying to hide that she doesn’t belong there. A few twists and turns happen along the way but the show is so good! It is such a funny slapstick comedy show and I love it.


Beyond is a very weird show but I am quite into it. The characters have pulled me in so I can sort of skip past some of the weirdness. Basically, the story is about a guy in a coma who suddenly wakes up and has some sort of weird powers. He has also been in an alt dimension for the whole time he has been in a coma. The story is how he reconnects with the girl from the alt dimension and how he tries to get back in the normal world. A little bit of Kyle XY style about it!

Jane the Virgin

Incredibly funny and heartwarming, this show lost me a little around season three but has got me fully back now. It has ups and downs and some heartbreaking times and a lot of the time the storyline isn’t believable at all but it is such a good show. Jane is a virgin (duh) but is accidentally inseminated with the sperm of Rafael … a man who can’t have children due to testicular cancer. The snag? He is married & she is engaged. Definitely recommend this!


Suits is incredible. It is the story of a guy who is basically acting like a qualified lawyer, although he doesn’t have any qualifications at all. It is very cleverly written and has a fab storyline that gets you hooked. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

The Returned

A bit of a weird one. This show features different types of people who come back to life after dying and what ensues after. Some of them have been dead four years, others for longer but they all have come back. Not sure about this show really – there was a thread of a storyline running through the show but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Looking forward to watching the next season to see where it is going but it was creepy!!

Rachael xox

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